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Princess Piearth Princess Jewelry Wedding Ring Marriage Necklace

₦ 22,488
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Product details

  • Brilliant brilliance under the light
  • Pink romance in spring
  • Exquisite and clever hollow top
  • Gorgeous textured silk ribbon
  • Elegant glory recognized by the world
          Some people say that a woman's most beautiful jewelry is nothing more than a man's arm, snuggling in the arms of a lover, the kind of peace of mind, the kind of silence, can not be described by rhetoric. Is it happy? It is more embarrassing than happiness; is it happy? It is sweeter than happiness. The embrace of a man is not a woman's treasure chest, which contains more happiness and happiness than jewelry. Like my sisters, I like my jewelry. In my spare time, I will open my jewelry box, look carefully, repeat it, and gradually enter the state of thought, and the endless aftertaste... I can clearly remember the ins and outs of each piece of jewelry, its meaning
            The beauty of a woman, though not entirely from the outside, isn’t it beautiful if it allows a woman to have beauty from the inside out? Jewelry embellishes women, women are beautiful; women have jewelry and jewelry finds belonging. Cherish your favorite jewelry, the jewellery of the dim sumper, and retain your favorite jewelry. Woman with jewelry, jewelry and woman. Accompanied by each other, complement each other. The jewelry box hides the secret of a woman, records the story of a woman, and represents the beautiful dream of a woman. There is a married baby given by a mother, a gift of love given by a lover, and a testimony of self-discipline... Sometimes, a thin necklace, a ring of worthless, but they It also belongs to a testimony. It is the testimony of the times, the testimony of things, the testimony of love, the testimony of friendship, the testimony of family, the testimony of gratitude...
              Because I fell in love with this feeling, I fell in love with this kind of opening, and all the beautiful jewelry in a moment has a wonderful feeling. At that moment, I have a beautiful dream---Every girl has a jewelry box of her own! A box that can collect dreams! There is a necklace he sent you, the smile in your sunshine when you first fell in love, and the warmest care of your mother! I want to collect them all!
              If you are as proud as you, barely like her, the past is equally difficult to pass!
                Every woman who loves beauty will have a group of baby jewellery that she can't put down. Wearing the right jewellery is just an inaccessible part of the female body. Whether it is external or internal, it will greatly enhance women's bright and beautiful index and confidence. And a beautiful jewelry box can not only find a beautiful home for the beauty-loving babies, but also reflect the extraordinary aesthetic and taste of a woman. It is also an excellent choice for urban women to carry jewelry and embellish the taste of life.
                    The girl opens her own jewelry box every morning. In Mulan, “When the window is clouded, the mirror is decorated with yellow flowers”, it can be seen that even if the girl has passed a big bloody hurricane, she can’t give up the beauty. pursue. Therefore, a boy's attention to the girl's appearance is deeply in the girl's heart. As the saying goes, "The sinners die for the confidant, and the woman is the one who is pleasing to the self." This jewelry box is still very important, but it is important, I think she will tell you that although she has regrets, she will not blame you, she thinks: Fortunately, you broke her jewelry box, not her jewelry. The box hurts you. . .
                      Secret in woman jewelry box
                      A man gives a woman a gift and uses it as a guideline. Then, without knowing it, send her a necklace. If she doesn't have a pierced ear, the ring looks too abrupt, even if it is only a thin silver necklace, it has the value of being collected by a woman. If one day breaks up, she will tear off the love letter that the man wrote to her. Remove his cell phone number and even cut expensive clothes. But when she opened the jewelry box and saw the silver necklace, she still couldn't bear to give up - it wasn't that she still mourned the man, but the jewelry was born to be a woman's lover.


                    Key Features

                    1. Brilliant brilliance under the light
                    2. Pink romance in spring
                    3. Exquisite and clever hollow top
                    4. Gorgeous textured silk ribbon
                    5. Elegant glory recognized by the world

                    What’s in the box

                    jewelry box


                    • SKU: PR246AC18UPH8NAFAMZ
                    • Color: silver
                    • Main Material: N/A
                    • Model: Princess-5
                    • Production Country: Japan
                    • Product Line: Piearth
                    • Size (L x W x H cm): 10*10*10
                    • Weight (kg): 0.3

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                    This product has no ratings yet.

                    This product has no ratings yet.

                    Princess Piearth Princess Jewelry Wedding Ring Marriage Necklace

                    Princess Piearth Princess Jewelry Wedding Ring Marriage Necklace

                    ₦ 22,488
                    ₦ 44,888-50%

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