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Make Painting easier with the best quality Painting Supplies

Painting can seem like a daunting task. Even though people in Nigeria prefer to hire a professional to do the job, there are many times that you might need the proper painting supplies. This can be because you want to do the paint job yourself or you want to provide the proper supplies to the painter. Jumia is the best option for you to buy painting supplies in Nigeria at the best possible prices. Our sellers are here to provide with the largest range that you can imagine.


If you want the best-painted walls and items, you need the right type of brush for them. There are two types of brushes available to choose from.

Natural Bristle:

The natural bristle brushes are made using animal hair which offers a long and thick stroke of paint. The natural bristle brushes work best for oil-based or alkyd paints. The tip of the brush is flagged and has split ends present.

Synthetic Brushes:

Synthetic brushes are made using either polyester or nylon. Some of the brushes even offer a combination in them. These type of brushes are used for paints that are made using oils or latex. These brushes come with fuzzy looking tips. When buying a brush, there are a few considerations to keep in mind. Firstly, the tip of the bristles should be chipped or tapered and should not be flat. This will provide an easy and swift stroke.

Power Painters and Sprayers

Power paint machines and paint spray machines in Nigeria are trending due to their ease of use along with the effectiveness of work. These come in three power types which are the gas-powered ones, the electric ones, and the cordless ones. The applicators for these come in various sizes along with different categories of brushes, spray nozzles and rollers. There are special airless units that pump up the paint to the applicator when it is pressed. These are known to be the high volume and low-pressure models. The paint zoom sprayer focuses on painting a certain area only.


Painting rollers come in two different types. One is the Natural roller which is made using mohair or lambswool. This is best for oil-based paints. The second one is the synthetic one which is made using polyester and nylon. The Nap or the pile is known as the length of the roller’s painting surface. The lengths vary in the range of 1/16 inch to 1.5 inches. When you are painting a smooth surface, always go for a short napped roller. When painting a rough surface, use a long nap roller. The widths for the rollers range from 4 to 18 inches.

Tray and Tape

The Painter’s tray and tape are two of the widely used accessories. The tray is used to hold the roller along with a painting pad. Moreover, there is some amount of paint present on the tray that can be used as well. The painter’s tape keeps an area safe when you don’t want to get paint on it. The tape is known to last for about 3 days and comes off very easily.