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Where to buy Lumia Phones Online in Nigeria?

This is the second generation of the Windows operating system for mobile phones from Microsoft. It was released on October 29, 2012, and like its predecessor, it features the interface known as Metro. Current Windows Phone 7.x devices cannot run or update to Windows Phone 8 and new applications compiled specifically for Windows Phone 8 are not made available for Windows Phone 7.x devices. Windows Phone 8 devices are manufactured by Nokia, HTC, and Huawei and you have these phone brands available at various beautiful colours at Jumia with affordable price in Nigeria. Looking for the best Nokia lumia 820 and other Microsoft phones price in Nigeria, come to our online shop.

Latest Windows phones in Nigeria

With the innovative windows phone 8 platform for mobile phones, you have unlimited access to applications for both the pleasure and business, you also get to enjoy fun games from Microsoft XBOX on your mobile phones, not to forget the easier access to social networks just to make sure you do not have any dull moment. Get the Nokia Lumia and find out why everyone is loving its unique features like mix radio, here maps, Ms office on the go and a fast internet connection. Based on the windows phone 8 review, it has been named the most innovative and smart operating system and as a result, unique phones have been produced such as the Nokia Lumia 1520, to mention a few. Get the latest Nokia Lumia phones and other Microsoft mobile phones from Jumia Nigeria. Buy Lumia 1320 online and enjoy nationwide delivery. The Windows mobile phones available on Jumia comes with free and pre-installed apps and a camera that will help record very good video. If you want more apps, it can be downloaded from the app store available on the Microsoft phones.