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Where to buy BlackBerry Phones Online in Nigeria?

In 2003 BlackBerry introduced the first of what we would think of as being the modern smartphone. This was a device that not only functioned as a telephone but also allowed for the sending and receiving of email and text messages as well as web browsing. One of the main focuses of the early BlackBerry models was to allow for mobile email. It was clear that this was a technology that was necessary since email had become so popular. Clearly people who were on the go needed a way to access their email without having to find a computer. This is also one of the reason’s Blackberry’s QWERTY keyboard became extremely popular with business people around the globe and had remained one of the best features on many BB phones. And in 2013 BlackBerry has launched also a reinvented phone in Nigeria, the BlackBerry Z10, a device with a touchscreen, offering much better internet, music, a 2 GB RAM, an 8-megapixel camera and a 4.2-inch display with a 1280 x 768 pixel resolution. Get the best price of Z10 Blackberry online. We have the latest Blackberry 2015 like the passport, Z30, with improved features and a larger screen size. Available for you are Blackberry Bold 5 and Blackberry bold 6 on Jumia. It will interest you to know that we have the best Blackberry Bold 5 price in Nigeria. There is a large collection of new BB phones and all models of phones for you to make a pick from. Also you will get the best price of Blackberry Passport in Nigeria online.

Choose the perfect BlackBerry Mobile Phone to fit your needs

All BlackBerry phones are the next-gen mobile phones which support a wide variety of other services like multi-media messaging service (MMS), Internet access, email, short-range wireless communications, social networking, business applications, gaming and photography to address your various needs. So, if you are a businessperson or office professional, keep your work on the go with latest software’s that enable to you to check your mails and schedule meetings. If music is your passion, compose and listen to your favourite tunes with the latest audio apps and get blackberry cases and covers to keep the phone looking all new. The Blackberry Classic combines a large touchscreen screen and physical keyboards for a fast and easy typing, and navigation buttons that will make it fun and easy to use. Or log on to social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter or BlogSpot and to speak your heart out. Get the best price of blackberry pasport in Nigeria on Jumia.

BlackBerry Phone prices in Nigeria

Looking for the best prices and latest BlackBerry phones 2015? We offer you a wide range of New BlackBerry phones - famous models available for you on Jumia like Blackberry Bold 6, BlackBerry Porsche, Bold, Curve as well as new up-to-date devices like the Blackberry Passport, BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Q10. The choice is yours, shop for your next Smartphone online Jumia and you will get the best blackberry phones and prices in Nigeria.