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Buy Surgical Face Masks Online Jumia in Nigeria

You may have heard about the recent development around the world about the recent outbreak of the coronavirus from the Wuhan province in China. It is fast spreading across the world and you may be wondering how does one get infected? It is spread through the air and body contact with an infected person. A mouth and nose mask will help you stay safe and protected from being infected with the virus because it's airborne.

Surgical face masks are fairly loose-fitting, disposable masks approved by the FDA for use as medical devices. Doctors, dentists, and nurses often wear them while treating patients to prevent large droplets of bodily fluids that may contain viruses or other germs from escaping via the nose and mouth. They also protect against splashes and sprays from other people, such as those from sneezes and coughs.

Apart from the coronavirus, you can also get protected against the harsh weather condition. A Surgical Face mask will come handy in haze weather where there is going to be fine suspended particles in the atmosphere. If you live in a community where the roads are not in shape. The possibility of you facing with dusty air is very high, but by putting on a mask means you are protecting yourself from inhaling dust.

Where to shop Disposable Face Masks in Nigeria

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