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Buy Nokia 3310 On Jumia Nigeria.

The historic Nokia 3310 that is considered the greatest mobile phones of all time is here again but this time, it is bigger and better. Nokia is one of the pioneers of mobile phones all over the world. This time the phone is coming with the basic features of an Android phone, you would get to find a coloured screen, a camera and you also have access to the internet. The body design of this device was tweaked a bit, it still has the plastic body build but it is slightly curvy which makes it very appealing, this device looks more classy, stunning and it could be described as very attractive. The screen is so smooth you can swipe through with so much ease, it comes with a beautiful, slightly bigger and captivating 2.4-inch display screen that is bigger than the former model which was 1.5 inches, although it is not large, it is good enough to do a great job. There is a screen resolution of 240 x 320 pixels that produces amazing colours, deep blacks that is directed towards making sure you have a great user experience. Nokia did a good job with the camera of the Nokia 3310 mobile phone, even though it cannot be described as a spectacular camera, the camera quality is modest enough to take decent pictures, with the 2MP rear camera you can take good photos, capture your family, friends as well as your environment. There is an LED flash that makes sure the pictures come out bright and clear under low light irrespective of the angle it was taken from. There has been a lot of buzz in the mobile market since the release of this phone as regards whether it is a smartphone or not, the Nokia 3310 is not a smartphone , it comes with the Nokia series 30+ which makes it a FEATURE phone. You might be wondering if you would be able to store your important files on this phone, the good news is you can. The device has a 16MB internal storage that can be expanded to 32GB, it might not be so large but it is decent enough to store your favourite pictures and videos. The 1200mAh battery capacity is good enough to last for a whole day as long as it is fully charged, it could also last for as long as 31 days when not in use. There is an internet access on this mobile phone but it supports just 2G data like Edge and GPRS. The Nokia 3310 comes in different colours like red, blue, yellow, grey. Shop for your favourite colour on Jumia and it would be delivered to your preferred location at an affordable price.