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Men's Bags and Wallets

Men's day to day activities can be stressful and rough, leaving the house, going to the office and other activities, while handling a lot of stuff such as mobile phones, complimentary cards, etc. Leaving the house fully dressed and looking sassy without a wallet makes a man feel totally incomplete, or going about still carrying that old tattered wallet that is falling apart, it’s time for a new men’s wallet and Bags that you will impress with every time you pull it out of your pocket to pay for something. Jumia knows how important a man’s wallet is for him to keep his cash, passports photograph and other important documents. We exist to help you find that perfectly stylish wallet however you like it – classic leather or kitschy recycled paper. With our extensive range, selecting the perfect one will be a fight to choose your favourite out of so many.

Stylish Men's Wallet from Jumia

Select from our wide range of brands such as David wej with products like the brown leather briefcase, document bags with handle, and other varieties. Bags and wallets do not pose as a carrier tool alone but it also gives you that masculine feel and air wherever you go. Get a hold of other accessories from Jumia such as leather Belts, Ties , jewellery and much more. At Jumia, we don't just make shopping fun for men; we leave a lasting impression making them wanna come back for more.