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Buy Men’s Sandals & Slippers On Jumia Nigeria.

Sandals and slippers both are comfortable and can be worn casually, while some of them can be worn for formal occasions. Opt for a simple and laid back style with Jumia’s wide range of sandals and slippers from our online store. Sandals for men are designed to provide you with comfort and freedom whilst you still look good. They come in handy for casual weekend outings when you air your legs after a long week of wearing shoes. Jumia offers you a wide range of sandals and slippers designs for guys that range from flip-flops to casual open-toes; there is a pair to captivate everyone. Brands such as Yimaida and Leather n Soul brings you classic flip-flops and leather sandals that are comfortable and lightweight for you to stride around in. Brands such as David Wej bring you men’s sandals with classic cuts and sleek designs ideal for the contemporary male. With so many options to choose from, Jumia has you covered. Each pair of sandals is meticulously designed and is made from the finest quality materials to provide you with the best and most comfortable fit. Handmade sandals rocked with a t-shirt and jeans is the perfect combination for a casual weekend outing.

Sandals: Walk in Style:

Sandals for men are not just for a casual day: these days they have become a fashion statement. Men wear sandals to work, the market, and even at home. Flip-flop sandals are the most convenient buy when you are looking for comfortable shoes to wear during leisure time at home. As it is in the fashion industry of women, sandals have hit the spotlight in men’s fashion world as well – hence now you will find even a wider variety of sandals in the market. Trying to decide which one you want? Ask yourself why you want a sandal – and then buy according to your needs. Some of the brands to check out include Nike, Adidas, and Sketchers.


You will be amazed to know that slippers are not just made for bathroom or home anymore – you will also find a variety of slippers for outdoor purposes in the market too. However, slippers are still mainly famous for their comfort and for being the “house slippers”. Slippers are made of different materials – wool, wood, rubber – you name it. There are even leather slippers out there to keep your feet warm during long winter nights.

Handmade Sandals & slippers on Jumia

Slip into comfort and style this summer with an eclectic range of guy’s sandals available online at Jumia. With men’s sandals from different amazing brands, you will be spoilt for choice when searching for your favorite pair. They are made with top quality materials and are guaranteed to give you a comfortable fit to casual and less formal outings. No matter your color preference and shoe size, Jumia offer sandals and slippers that will fit you seamlessly. Discover Nigerian handmade sandals that are well-constructed with sturdy soles and genuine leather to last a long time. Your wardrobe is not complete without adding quality sandals to your men's t-shirt and men's casual shoe collection.