Unrivalled 4G LTE speeds. Smooth quad-core
processing. And a sharp 5” display. Even with
features like these, the multimedia-rich Vibe C
is designed for those on a tight budget.
What’s more it comes with a swappable
battery. So when it runs low, you can simply
pop in another one and keep doing what you
enjoy doing.

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Great for Multimedia

From catching a movie on the go to catching up with
friends online, the 5” screen delivers crisp, clear visuals.
What’s more, the Vibe C fits snugly in the palm of your
hand - and in your pocket too.

Up to 4G Speed

In addition to Bluetooth©, WiFi, and GPS, the Vibe C
supports LTE (4G) networks for the fastest data
connectivity. It also offers impressive download (up to
150 Mbps) and upload (up to 50 Mbps) speeds. As a
result, you can access your online world instantly.

4G Multimedia Smartphone

Powerful and Smooth

Games, videos, and music, the Vibe C delivers everything
seamlessly. Powered by a Qualcomm© Snapdragon™
quad-core processor, it makes light work of even the most
intensive apps.

Extra Storage & Dual Sim Option

Just in case there’s not enough room for all your music
and digital files, you can expand the smartphone’s
storage capacity by a further 32GB with a microSD card.

Powerful Processor and Expandable Memory

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Removable Battery

Having a removable battery has many advantages. For
instance, when the Vibe C’s battery runs low, when it can be
quickly swapped for a fully-charged spare. That way, the
fun never needs to stop.

Android™ 5.1 Lollipop

With this flavor of Android™, you’ll find it easy to stay in
the loop, interact with others, and even manage battery
power. You can also better safeguard your Vibe C and
enjoy a host of new Android features to make life that
much sweeter.

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Convenient Swappable Battery

Black or White? It’s Your Call

Big on style, the Vibe C gives you great value for money
and two color options - black or white.

Dual Cameras

Even with its small price tag, the Vibe C comes with two
Hi-Res cameras for you to capture great moments and fun

Available in Black or White