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Always be on Time by Getting an Alarm Clock

Alarm clocks have been around for centuries but over the years have improved in features. The first alarm clock was water-based and the alarm used to trigger when the water reached a certain level. These days an alarm clock comes with several advanced features which helps wake someone effectively. Basically, alarms are used for many purposes like; getting up in the morning, getting up from a nap during the day or just timing yourself for some task. These days’ shoppers can also buy a talking alarm clock which will definitely wake you up quickly. Shoppers can get a wide collection of alarm clocks online at Jumia at cheap prices.

Different Types of Alarm Clocks

Atomic Alarm Clock

An atomic alarm clock is considered to be the most precise of all the clocks. These work on an oscillation of electrons that surround an atom. There are three types of atomic clocks that include; hydrogen, caesium and rubidium. All of the mentioned names are the elements that help function the clock. The most commonly bought clock is the caesium one because it gives precise timing. This is considered to be the best alarm clock out of all the other clocks.

Digital Clocks

Digital alarm clocks work by using the frequency of the electricity running through a standard powerline. Since these are plugged in a switch, depending on the hertz frequency, the time will be measured. These clocks usually have an LCD or LED display rather than an analogue. These clocks are very technology driven that is why these are quite reliable. You easily set the volume of the alarm when it goes off and you can also select from some standard alert tones. A loud alarm clock works well for people who have a hard timing getting up in the morning.

Quartz Analog Clocks

A Quartz analogue alarm clock uses a quartz crystal which helps keep track of time. This crystal is made from silicon dioxide and as it changes in shape and vibrates, an electrical current passes through it. The vibrations hit the oscillator which determines when a second passes. These are typically powered by batteries and usually have an analogue display but you can also select from the digital display designs. This clock alarm is also quite reliable and a number of people buy these commonly.

Factors to Consider when n Buying an Alarm Clock

Whether you want to buy a desktop alarm clock or a normal bedside one, there are a number of factors that you must keep in mind in order to make the right decision. The most important feature to consider is how loud the alarm will be. How many times can you snooze it and also whether you can select the intervals of the snooze time? Many clocks have additional features like showing the temperature, the weather and some alarm clocks also have radio systems. You can set the station that you like the best and instead of an alert, the radio will turn on.