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The importance of herbs to the human body can’t be overemphasised. Unlike spices, they are a multi-purpose plant used for so many things. Herbs are plants used for medicine, flavoring, cooking and more. They are sometimes likened to spices but the difference is in the way they are used. Herbs are usually gotten from green leaf or flower parts while spices are from other dried plants which may include fruits, barks, roots and more. Most people believe herbs help to improve the overall health of the body and have been playing a major role over the years especially when it comes healing of wounds faster and making up deficient nutritional supplement in the body. Herbs help strengthen the immune system to fight against diseases, help lower blood sugar level and cholesterol. They have anti-inflammatory properties too. Herbs add a lot of nutritional benefit to the body and corrects a lot of body functions. They are used to rectify problems and nourish every part of the body with natural vitamins and minerals. You can find different kinds of herbs such as aloe vera, holy basil also known as tulasi, rosemary, peppermint, lavender, fenugreek, psyllium, guggul, cayenne pepper, ginkgo, butcher’s room, winter cherry and more.

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