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Baby Milk Formula

Just as a baby needs breast milk, so also does he or she needs baby milk formula for as they grow and start rejecting breast milk, they will still need the necessary nutrients to enable them grow properly and this can be gotten from baby milk formula. Experts will say for the first six months, babies should feed exclusively on breast milk then after that it can be formula feeding. The baby milk powder on Jumia are special formulated to duplicate a mother’s milk so it can serve as an ideal alternative to breast milk. They are very easy to prepare; simply mix with water in the right temperature and put into a feeding bottle for your little one to feed on.

Baby Milk on Jumia

Discover a large selection of baby milk online at Jumia from top brands like Nestle, Aptamil, Cow & Gate, Thrive and more. We ensure that your baby gets all the necessary vitamins and nutrients for proper growth and development. By giving your baby formula milk in a bottle, you can conveniently monitor how much he or she has had so you need not worry whether your baby is taking too little or too much milk. Bottle feeding with baby milk benefits both mother and child as the baby gets all the right nutrients for healthy growth while the mother isn’t tied down to feeding at all times.