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Transcend – the rise of modern technologies

With the intense technological competitions worldwide, Asia’s beauty Taiwan took the audacious responsibility to offer the product services worldwide. The establishment of Transcend in 1988 by Peter Shu added the highly usable commodities like graphic cards, external hard drives, portable media players, digital audio players, DRAM, external hard drives, USB flash drives and flash memory cards. Outside Taiwan, the tremendous existence of offices in the countries like India, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, United States, Japan, Netherlands, Germany and South Korea has proved the fair contributions of distribution module. The USB flash drives are the most protuberant goods of Transcend till date.

Traits of Transcend external hard drives

External hard drives are one of the striking merchandises of Transcend that are highly emerging now-a-days. This is because of the incredible features that allow to dominate these drives. Just ponder on following points:


USB port is the pathway which permits the connection with external drive. The connectivity channel medium is cable but most of the wares also require electrical connection to the primary energy supply.


Space is either less than the storage capacity of system’s memory or it can exceed to a large extent. Usually the space range is from 60 GB to one TB.


For ultimate secure connection, few of the drives require password for viewing and manipulating data. State-of-the-art technologies are implemented for the inclusion of fingerprint verification feature.

Why to use external hard drives?

The availability of Transcend external hard drive in Nigeria and other preeminent countries has definitely some specific intentions. The significance of the worldwide gratitude is the array of amenities that are provided by these cherished objects.

Large space

Sometimes, the space of internal drives or RAM is not enough to place the whole information. The pictures, videos, office documents and movies can take a gigantic space when considered collaboratively. External hard drives assist in keeping the massive data secure for longer periods of time.

Superb speed

It is extremely facile to copy large files to the drive because of the outstanding speed. There are multiple revolutions per minute RPM that enhance the technical performance implicitly.

Ease in utilization

External hard drives have comfortable aspect of automatic acceptance to the environment of the operating system they are connected to. The interactivity becomes easy and also similar to the one with internal drives.

Jumia – the landmark of astonishment

There are very rare online malls that propose the aggregation of both reasonable prices and quality excellence. Payment of cash on consignment and Transcend external hard drive price in Nigeria are the finest services that make Jumia protruding on the world’s marketing scale. Moreover, the availability of customer service department at 24 hours and seven days a week upbeat the rhythm of continuity in relationship with buyers. The safe packages and prompt responses prove the dedication to the maintenance of product quality and customer satisfaction. The portrayal of rating also mentions the purity of intentions in order to perform business transactions.