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Samsung external hard drive

The need for an external hard drive cannot be stressed more given the fact that we all want to have some kind of a backup. Keeping the backup is essential as data on the PC or laptop might get corrupted or lost. It might seem burdensome when considering to buy the right kind of hard drive as there are a whole variety and diversity of drives available. Drives vary along different parameters which include the size, storage, portability and price. Given these differences, how can you make the best choice to cater your to your needs?

Hard Drive Buying guide

Before buying a hard drive or looking into the spectrum of choices, it is imperative that one has a clear objective defined in mind. For what purpose are you going to use the drive for? How much data will you be storing on it? Would you be carrying it a lot around or will the drive stay in one place like your home or office? If, for instance, you intend to travel around with it, you might want to consider buying a drive which is encrypted and lighter. Determining the purpose always helps one narrow down the range of choices and make the right choice easier. We will go into further details regarding the hard drive step by step in order to help you make the best and reasonable choice.

Storage capacity

Ask this: How much storage do I need for my external hard drive? Storage is one of the key considerable criteria to buy the drive. The storage varies from minimal 128 GB to 4 or even 8 TB. However there is a tradeoff here. More is space, higher will be the price. Moreover, how much storage capacity you need depends on two important factors: one is how much data will be stored and what the format of the files will be? For example, video files require more space than word documents. If you have a huge volume of video files, movies, podcasts, TV shows, documentaries and other such material, you might be better off buying a drive that provides more storage capacity.

Transfer Speed

Since large chunks of data are transferred to and from the drive, it is important to give significant weight to the transfer speed. There is always a constraint put on by the time. We all want things to be done in lesser and lesser amount of time. If the transfer speed of the drive is too low, it might take hours for larger sets of data to be transferred. The speed is contingent upon the USB port. One of the latest ports which are 3.0/3.1 transfer the data faster as compared to the port 2.0. EStata is yet another transfer interface providing a faster flow of data. However, not all computer models have USB 3.0 port. Always check whether your PC or laptop has the required port. If the desirable port is not available, then there will be the issue of compatibility between the drive and the PC. Moreover, the speed also depends on the price of the hard drive. The drives which provide greater speed to transfer the data are relatively more expensive than those whose transfer speed is slower.


The hard drive is usually carried along when one moves around with the laptop. Sometimes you go to a place where you cannot carry the laptop yet you need the data. External hard comes handy in this situation. Lighter the drive will be, easier will it be to carry around. If you have to move frequently, it is imperative to buy a drive which is shockproof and offers durability as you might drop it off unintentionally/by chance while carrying it around. If the drive is to be used heavily and frequently, make sure that it has an inbuilt fan to keep it cool. The fan adds to the lifespan of the external hard drive. However, if the plan is to keep the drive mostly in one place like a home place, then the drive which weighs heavier yet costs less should be a suitable option.


If the hard drive contains sensitive or private data files, it is important that you make sure the hard drive is encrypted either through software or hardware. It will prevent any potential misuse of data in case you drop your hard drive or lose it in theft.

Usage and Reliability

Some hard drives come with inbuilt configuration software installed thus saving both times and fuss to search and install the appropriate software to make the device run. Also, it is always a good idea to make sure that the device comes with a significant period of warranty.


Depending on the PC or the operating system type, a particular hard drive may not be compatible with one PC as compared to another. For instance, one has to be cautious while buying an external hard drive on the account that whether it is going to be used with Mac or PC.

External Hard drive price

The price of external hard drive varies according to the in-built technology, shock prone features, storage capacity, weight and brand. Always determine beforehand what your budget constraint is before you buy a hard drive.

Buying Samsung external hard drives with Jumia in Nigeria

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