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Where to buy UPS Online?

UPS which stands for uninterruptible power supply is a device that ensures your computer and appliances keeps running for a short time when the primary power source is lost. At Jumia, we offer a wide range of UPS brands in different sizes and capacities to provide secondary power backup for your computer and home appliances. Jumia makes it very easy to buy UPS online in Nigeria as we deliver nationwide and provide you with convenient payment options. Wondering where to buy the best Blue gate UPS online? Look nowhere else as Jumia provides you with UPS from brands such as Binatone, Polystar, Gamatronic, APC, Mercury, Legrand and so much more. You will also find quality Surge protectors on Jumia that are designed to protect your electrical devices from voltage spikes. Surge protectors try to limit the voltage supplied to an electric appliance by either blocking or by minimizing any high voltages above a safe threshold.

UPS & Surge Protectors on Jumia

Discover the best of UPS and power surge protectors on Jumia - Nigeria's No 1 online retail store. Protect your computers and other appliances at work or home from potential damage resulting from sudden power surges, spikes or high voltages. You can also avoid loss of important unsaved data and documents resulting from sudden power failures and outages by getting one of our reliable and durable surge protectors from best brands. Buy UPS of various capacities depending on the power load of your computer or home appliances. We offer the best prices for UPS with capacity of 1.5KVA, 650VA, 800VA, 220V and much more. Take advantage of our cash on delivery payment option today as you shop Power supplies and electricals today.