How to pay on Jumia with your debit/credit card?

No worries, paying by card on JUMIA is easy and safe!

1. At Checkout, select payment option MasterCard/Visa/Verve and click on "Confirm Order"

2. You will be redirected to a payment portal where you will have to input your card details:

3. For your safety, you will be asked to provide some more information depending on your bank and card type.

  • Diamond Bank/Union Bank/Access Bank/Fidelity Bank (Visa)/Ecobank (Visa)/Skye Bank (Visa)/Sterling Bank/UBA: Input the IPIN code.
  • Stanbic IBTC Bank/Mainstreet Bank/Fidelity Bank (Master Debit Card)/Ecobank (Verve card)/Wema Bank/First City Monument Bank/Keystone Bank/Skye Bank (Mastercard): Input the one-time password that would be sent to your registered mobile phone number.
  • Zenith Bank: Input your activation code.
  • Guaranty Trust Bank: Input your secure code and one-time password which would be sent to your registered phone number.
  • The IPIN is needed for the Global/International cards payment option when using the Visa cards of banks including First Bank on Nigeria, Diamond Bank, Access Bank, Union Bank, Fidelity Bank, Eco Bank, Skye Bank, Sterling Bank, and UBA.
  • The One-Time Password (OTP) is needed for the Verve/Naira Mastercard/Visa Card/Quickteller payment option when using the Verve cards of banks including Mainstreet Bank and Eco Bank. Wema Bank and FCMB requires the OTP for their Mastercard, Visa, Verve cards

4. Click on "make payment" to confirm your order and have it delivered directly to you.


When you initially collected your debit card from the bank and you were told to change the default PIN (Personal Identification Number) - provided just to ensure nobody is able to access your account. But there are more ways to secure your PIN and debit card since it is one item that is always attractive to thieves and hackers out there. Here are some interesting steps for you to consider when securing your PIN.

1. Do not share your PIN

Sharing your PIN is never a good idea, even with the people you tend to trust such as family members or a close friend, reason being the friend or family member could be under some sort of life or harassment to reveal your PIN and when this happens your account security gets unlocked to the wrong set of people. Also, the person you trust could be in a great need at some point and your debit card is the only option to his or her money problem solved, at that point your account security is also bridged. Therefore, it is better not to share your PIN with anyone for any reason.

2. Do not attend to Email or Phone requests for your PIN

Debit card scammers can go to any length to dupe you for your money and this is majorly by impersonating your bank by sending emails, SMS or phone calls requesting for your PIN. You should always delete, decline or ignore such requests without thinking twice about it because your bank would NEVER request for such information from you.

3. Protect your PIN while using it

Most of the time while the ATM, there are usually people standing behind you and you are not sure if they have wrong motive of spying your PIN or they just want to use the ATM like you. To be sure of this you need to shield your PIN by using your hand or even with your body so that your card details don’t get revealed. When you protect your PIN, you reduce the success rate of card PIN skimmers.

4. Use a PIN that can’t be easily guessed

Most of the time your tend to use major events such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc. as the PIN so it is not easily forgotten, this is good but it is not safe and card skimmers who have ideas of such data can easily manipulate their way into using your card with no stress. It is therefore advisable to use dates of non-popular events in your life as your PIN.

5. Do not write down your PIN anywhere

In the course of trying not to forget your PIN, you might be tempted to write it down somewhere such as the card or on a notebook. If you must write it down, it is better to save it on your mobile phone in a reverse form so it won’t be easily traced or in any other place that you alone can access and can easily remember.

6. Use different PIN on different cards

In a case where you have different debit cards for different bank accounts, it is ideal and safe to use different PINs so that it would not be easy to crack all cards in case you lose them or they get stolen.

7. Reach out to your bank once your card is missing

Contact your bank immediately you notice your debit card is missing. Request that the card be blocked and cancelled, also request for a new one immediately so you are not left stranded for a long time. Also, if you notice or suspect any fraudulent transactions on your account, report it immediately to your bank by calling or walk in to the customer service desk in your bank.