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For the love of Cars

They say the invention of the wheel brought the revolution in the world. From 6500 BC until today we are living in revolutionary world. The invention of car changes the scenario altogether. The year 1886 was marked in the history as the debut year of the first modern car whose credit went to its inventor Karl Benz. Today the market is being flooded by cars companies and their hard to count car models with different series names. Every year number of different cars are being launched. World hosts its automotive shows every year. Car launches come as celebrations and as big events. Even the old cars didn’t lose their importance and worth there are number of clubs around the world for classic cars. In fact they sell costlier than a modern car of today for they are considered as antiques. There are car lovers who love to restore the cars not to sale them as antiques rather after their own love for such cars. The vehicle has got its value not only in life but the world’s love for it has been depicted through various ways, a general example of that is the Car Cartoon and The Fast and Furious Film. The popularity of both these are very well known to us. People buy the cars as per their own budgets. the cars when are not fully loaded you still have the option of loading them with features you want or like through installing different car accessories of your choice and need. Drive your attention to Jumia and you will be able to locate here all the accessories that you require for your car. Let's have a brief overview of some of the accessories.

Car Seating Covers and Floor mats

The seat covers that have come with your car, you didn’t like them much. No problem! From the material to colour now it's your choice to pick one which you like. And those flooring mats got too dirty or old or they are not serving the purpose or you don’t like them anymore. A wide variety is available at Jumia. Choose as you like.

Bluetooth transmitter

If your car doesn’t have the feature of Bluetooth that is not a problem anymore. Buy the Bluetooth transmitter to support your smartphone and other Bluetooth enabled devices that you carry with you during the drive. There are many models out there of this accessory. They even are combined with mp3 players or FM transmitters. Cheers!

Push Start Stop Single Button

You don’t like using the keys much or you are among those who forget their keys after keeping them. No worries! Here is for you the single smart key start stop button. Even if your car didn’t come with this feature, you now have the access to keyless car entry with an option of starting your car and turning off its engine through just one smart button. Be smart live smart.

USB Car Charger

If the music is playing in your car through USB player and your phone ran out of the battery, you badly need to charge your phone and you are not in the mood of turning the music off. You also want to plug in your Wi-Fi internet device. All of your problems are solved by this car accessory of USB charger. Stay connected! Other Multiply available car accessories. These were just a few described, the other accessories are cup holders, dashboard cameras, Phone holders, and GPS navigation car window remote and etc. everything is available.

Car Accessories Price in Nigeria

You name the car accessory and Jumia will bring it to you through its multiple sellers available at its online marketplace in overall Nigeria. However delivery is only available in Katmandu, the shipping charges, exchanges and returns are handled according to policy.