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  1. Jumia Prime lifetime membership incorporates ten annual subscriptions only.
  2. Jumia Prime lifetime membership is awarded exceptionally (it cannot be purchased).
  3. Jumia may, at any time and entirely in its discretion, revoke Jumia Prime lifetime membership, subject to compensation of the subscription value (based on prices at the time of revocation) for the remaining duration of the ten year membership term.
  4. All Jumia Prime Terms and Conditions (including exclusion of professional use) shall apply to lifetime members. In the event of a lifetime member’s violation of these Jumia Prime Terms and Conditions or any applicable laws, Jumia shall revoke membership without any compensation.
  5. More discounts, rewards and savings!
  6. Jumia Prime is a customer loyalty program that entitles users to subscribe and receive unlimited free delivery on all Jumia orders, as well as access to exclusive promotions, rewards and partner benefits.
  7. Jumia Prime is available in selected cities and can be purchased via selected prepayment methods
  8. Jumia Prime Members enjoy the following benefits:
    - Free Delivery on all Jumia orders (excluding bulky items and international shipping)
    - Free Delivery on Jumia Food Orders
    - Exclusive Prime-only discounts on favorite categories
    - Preferential Customer Service
  9. Jumia Prime is designed with the frequent shopper in mind. It is not available for professional usage including corporate accounts or J-Force agents. Prime Members placing more than 20 orders for Jumia mall and 40 orders for Jumia Food per month will be deemed as professional users
  10. Renewal is not automatic, but can be re-purchased following the expiry of the original Membership plan
  11. Jumia Prime free delivery applies specifically to non-bulky items. It does not include items shipped from overseas with the Jumia Global tag.

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