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Where to find Life Insurance Services online in Nigeria?

Find unlimited life insurance plans online on Jumia and enjoy the convenience and satisfaction you need with the benefits from AXA Mansard that is worth a lifetime. Obtain one of our various insurance plans online which offers medical expense claims and benefits that covers up to 5 people at once in case of unfortunate incidents or accidents including casualties and more, our life insurance plans covers you and your family. Do not put your life and family’s on the line, get one of our utmost life insurance plans and cover yourself and family with the AXA Mansard plans at affordable rates. Simply put, if an accident occurs, you get medical expense cover to the limit of 5% of sum assured from any hospital of your choice. AXA Mansard Life plans can be for a period of 3, 5 or 10 years.

Life insurance Plans available on Jumia

Jumia is proudly offering varied options of life insurance plans to suit your all class of people. We have the latest in life insurance services which includes life insurance plans; Plan B, Instant Plan and more. These plans can cover up to 10 years providing medical benefits for you and your family. These plans also cover death claims and medical expenses claims. Discover a world of ease and convenience with Jumia providing life insurance services at your fingertips. Get one of our life insurance plans today and you have nothing to worry about, we will put our life on the line for you. Let’s help you chart the course of your life in case of unforeseen circumstances while you follow sooth. At Jumia you can trust us with the best insurance services online. Get quality life plans from AXA Mansard on Jumia at affordable prices and you’d be glad you did.