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Gymnastic Gym Magnesium Carbonate Chalk Block Weight

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Fitness is a kind of sports, such as various freehand aerobics, rhythmic gymnastics, shape gymnastics and various self-resistance movements, gymnastics, yoga can enhance strength, flexibility, increase endurance, improve coordination, and control the ability of various parts of the body, thereby Make the body strong. If you want to achieve the purpose of reducing stress, exercise at least 3 times a week.
Swimming, brisk walking, jogging, biking, and all aerobic exercises work your heart. Aerobic exercise has many benefits: it can exercise the heart and lungs, enhance the function of the circulatory system, burn fat, increase lung capacity, lower blood pressure, and even prevent diabetes and reduce the incidence of heart disease. The American College of Sports Medicine recommends that if you want to know whether the intensity of aerobic exercise is appropriate, you can test your heart rate after exercise to reach 60% to 90% of your maximum heart rate. If you want to lose weight through aerobic exercise, you can choose low-to-moderate exercise intensity, while extending the exercise time, this method consumes more calories. Exercise frequency 3 to 5 times a week, 20 to 60 minutes each time. To build muscle, you can lift weights, do gymnastics, and other exercises that repetitively stretch and flex your muscles. Muscle building burns calories, increases bone density, reduces the chance of injury, especially to the joints, and prevents osteoporosis. Before doing weight lifting, test it first, if you lift the most weight you can lift 8 times in a row, start with that weight. When you can lift this weight 12 times in a row, try adding 5% more weight. Note that every time you practice, you should lift 8 to 12 times in a row, which can reach 70% to 80% of the maximum muscle endurance, and the exercise effect is better. 2-3 times a week, but avoid exercising the same muscle group two days in a row to allow ample recovery time for the muscles. A yoga mat is a mat that is placed underneath when practicing yoga. Yoga is suitable for all kinds of people, and there are many kinds of yoga mats to accompany practitioners, but what is the material of the yoga mat? This product is made of PVC professional material, which is natural and environmentally friendly, has no peculiar smell, is safe and non-toxic, has anti-skid, resilience and shock resistance, high-end quality, and is hand-painted. PVC foam (the weight of a yoga mat with a PVC content of 96% is about 1500 grams) PVC is the name of a chemical raw material and a raw material. However, before PVC is foamed, it is not soft and has the function of anti-skid and buffering. Only after it is foamed, can products such as yoga mats and anti-skid mats be produced.
Features: PVC material is affordable, you can buy it anywhere, the quality is guaranteed, and the price is high. Not only can it be used as a yoga mat, but it can also be used for outdoor picnic parties, camping, beach vacations, baby crawling, children's games, and the elderly when exercising bedding, nap mats, kneeling mats, moisture-proof mats and so on.image


Key Features

  • ModelNumber:B36F7HH401102
  • BrandName:OOTDTY
  • Type:MagnesiumBlock

What’s in the box



  • Model: JSQC111
  • Production Country: China
  • Size (L x W x H cm): 12 x 13 x 15
  • Weight (kg): 0.52
  • Color: js11401
  • Main Material: Synthetic
  • Shop Type: Jumia Mall/Food

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Gymnastic Gym Magnesium Carbonate Chalk Block Weight

Gymnastic Gym Magnesium Carbonate Chalk Block Weight

₦ 12,387
₦ 14,02412%
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