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Buy body and bath products in Nigeria from Jumia

There are specialized products available to improve the overall bathing experience. Herbs, oils, and scented soaps are commonly used during bathing, as are tools specially made for scrubbing the body, including brushes. Today, bathing is an integral part of our daily experience, with a vast selection of hygiene products and accessories designed to make the bathing experience much more refreshing Applying body wash or taking a bubble bath after a long day can have a therapeutic effect, providing a sensation of tranquility. Bath and body products come in a variety of fragrances to help bathers relax and revive, including vanilla, patchouli, and apple martini, among many others. Get familiar with the various types of soaps, oils, and gels on the market, and know the purpose and function of each type of product.

Body Wash and Shower Gels

Scented body wash and shower gels clean and moisturize a bather’s skin. When using body wash or shower gels, mesh sponge and work it into a lather. It will clean and soften a bather's skin while leaving a pleasant scent. Given the environmental pollution out there, the dust sticks and gets stuck in our skin. It has become essential to use body gels/washes.

Bar Soap

Bar soap plays an integral role in the bath experience. It comes in a variety of fragrances, and some soaps are made specifically for specific areas of the body, such as the face or hands. As opposed to liquid-based soaps, it takes slightly more effort to work bar soap into a lather. Bathers can exfoliate their skin while they wash and stimulate circulation in various body parts by using bath brushes and sponges for the face and back.

Bath Brushes

Bath brushes have plastic or wooden handles and soft bristles. There are two major types of bath brushes:

Face brushes:

Bathers can keep special facial cleanser or face soap separate from their body wash by applying it with a small face brush.

Back brushes:

Featuring a long handle, back brushes help bathers scrub hard-to-reach places on the back.

Bath Sponges

Sponges fit into a bather’s hand, adjust to their body’s shape, and absorb water and any bath product they choose to add.

Buy a Bath and Body Set

In addition to buying individual bath and body products, bathers can purchase bath sets that include a variety of different products. Sets can include shower gel, body wash, body lotion, a loofah, bath pillow, and more. They also make a thoughtful gift when a single bath and body item is not enough


Bathers can remove dead skin cells and rejuvenate their skin with face or body scrubs. Unlike a gel or wash, exfoliates have a slightly grainy consistency.

Different Types of Exfoliating Products

Exfoliating agents run the gamut from oatmeal and different fruit washes to scrubbers, including gloves, which make it even easier to exfoliate the skin. Exfoliation products can take the form of creams that are applied to the skin, or tools, such as brushes and sponges can also be described as exfoliates.

Moisturize With Body Lotion

Body lotion moisturizes the skin, improving its condition and leaving bathers smelling fresh and fragrant. Apply a generous amount after bathing or showering. Also, bathers can keep their dry hands from chapping with a hand cream. Special lotions are also, made for the knees, elbows and feet.

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