July 18, 2016


July 18, 2016


July 18, 2016
guys retail therapy shopping

Retail therapy (like many other things) is assumed is for the ladies only. Today I want to tell you that is false. Guys too need retail therapy. People assume that men do not really need to shop for clothes, or any other item apart from cars, phones and houses. All we need to wear is a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, or a pair of khaki pants and a dress shirt, but that is false. We too have our own set of needs that should be catered to. (Get your mind off the gutter) I mean clothing needs.

Here are a couple of items that men usually get when they need that retail therapy:

  1. Sunglasses

It is okay for a guy to have more than two pairs of sunglasses. This is also a very easy gift idea for the men in your life. As long as you understand his personality and style you won’t go wrong.

(Sauti Sol band member, Chimano Red Sunglasses Image)

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  1. Neck Tie and Accessories

These are essentials for every man, and they make him look especially savvy and professional. Neckties are a go to accessory and the different types and fabrics of ties gives men the chance to play around with colours and patterns.

Kagwe Mungai Neck Brooch


Habib Neck Tie & Pocket square and Lapel Pins

  1. Watches

Watches not only look good, but show a lot of character and responsibility. If in a business meeting it would be considered rude to look at your phone to check the time. There are different types of watches out there for the different types of men out there. Ranging from the Minimalist Daniel Wellington to the sporty Casio, and to the complex Tissot.



Fashion Blogger , Olav Arthur, Daniel Wellington

SneakyGMan Movado

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What other items do you think men would go to for retail therapy? Share your thoughts with us.