August 24, 2015


August 24, 2015


August 24, 2015

Ah, the ageless loafer…where would the shoe industry be without its elegant yet easy slip-on style?  Regardless of the ever fickle trends in fashion, the loafer has been a main stay in menswear for almost a century ago.

The major distinction among Loafers is their fabrics: leather or suede. With their lustrous and shiny finish, leather loafers are an ideal complement for smarter looks. Suede loafers, immensely luxurious but delicate, have a slightly more casual feel so they’re perfect for a warm-weather wardrobe.

But wait! There’s more to the loafer than just fabrics.  Loafers ooze of different personalities that reflect in every man; so much so that each personality has a name: Penny, Tassel, Gucci and Apron.

Penny Loafer

 Penny, Gucci, Apron Oh My: The top 5 ways to Rock Your Loafers! Penny loafers

The Penny loafer is eternally preppy and takes pride on being staple footwear.  With its leather strap across the top of the shoe, and a diamond-shaped slot just wide enough to hold a small coin, the penny loafer is distinguishably cool and collected for the classic man.


Tassel Loafer

To spice up the loafer, the Tassel loafer was created in the 1950s. Quietly decorated compared to the traditional penny, Tassel loafers satisfied a man’s demand for an elegant, dressy shoe that didn’t sacrifice practicality.

 Penny, Gucci, Apron Oh My: The top 5 ways to Rock Your Loafers! Tassel loafers


Gucci loafer

Taking the Loafer design up one notch, the Gucci Loafer was introduced in 1968. Its distinguishing feature was a golden brass strap in the shape of a racing horse’s mouthpiece made famous by Gucci founder, Guccio Gucci.


 Penny, Gucci, Apron Oh My: The top 5 ways to Rock Your Loafers! Gucci loafer


Apron Loafer

Apron loafers, identified by visible stitches that finish off the toe, give the impression of a ‘crease’ between the top of the toe and the bottom.  This unfinished look resonates with the man who’s individualistic and edgy.


 Penny, Gucci, Apron Oh My: The top 5 ways to Rock Your Loafers! Apron loafer

From Penny to Gucci, your choice of loafers and their design iterations will showcase who you are to the world, but owning them is only as important as how you style them.  So, how can you start incorporating these hard-working, versatile styles into your daily rotation?


Here are the top five ways to wear your Loafers.


The Professional

There is nothing that complements a great pair of Loafers than a well-tailored full suit or smart-casual tailored separates combination.  Or is it the other way around? Either way, nothing shows unfailing confidence than a two piece suit and some loafers.


11249352_1473129716337965_644836617_n 11296783_445853822285999_1740831503_n


Traditional Swag

Unconventional, yet undeniably Nigerian, wearing your loafers with native wear characterizes you as the quintessential modern African. Or as they say in Pidgin English: “Oga, you dey shine oh!”  The blend of the traditional with the western illuminates the charismatic and flamboyant nature of the Nigerian man.



Traditional way of wearing a loafersTraditional way2



The loafer can replace almost any shoe, even when going for the casual look, while adding a dash of class to the look. Loafers can be worn with denim and khakis, and with shorts. Go for jeans and a t-shirt if you want to keep things relaxed, and a shirt and with tailored shorts if you want something a little more dapper.


Casual way2Casual way real



Smart Casual

When you are thinking about wearing a button up shirt, blazer and chinos combo, then the loafer should be your shoe of choice.  Loafers naturally walk the line between formal and informal, so the combinations are endless.


Smart casual




Athletic Chic

For the ultra-stylish and uber creative, adorn your loafers with your favorite sweats.  This combo is for the bold and the beautiful. So bring out your inner fashionista and flip the script on the entire fashion establishment.


Sweat pants 2Sweat pants



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