June 21, 2016

Bikini For Your Body

June 21, 2016

How Short is Too Short?

June 21, 2016

This generation is blessed with so much; technology, science, religious and personal freedom. No restrictions, no retains and very little inhibitions. As a woman, this liberty allows us to dress however we want. Nonetheless, where is the line drawn? Don’t get me wrong, I am a strong believer of the saying “flaunt it if you have it“. But really, when it comes to the length of your skirt, shorts or dress, how short is too short? This idea for this post came I saw the photo below on Instagram in which a girl is ‘labelled’ based on the length of her skirt. Quite shallow you might think.

How short is too short

Can you really blame the creator of this picture?
Man is primarily a very visual animal. No matter how intellectually advanced you are, your very first instinct is to access something based on what you see. Our minds are wired that way by nature. Here is what I think, fashion and beauty gives us the ability to change our physical appearances at will. Still, there are some factors to consider when making apparel and cosmetic choices. This is strictly my personal opinion and everyone is entitled to theirs.

  • Age : noun – Latin origin, the length of time during which a being or thing has existed.
    Even though people always say age is a concept that influences the mind, it definitely should be taken into consideration when choosing your skirts. A cute mini skirt that would be super cute on an 11 years girl old might be considered cheeky or too revealing on a 25 years old lady. Also, at a younger age your body hasn’t fully developed and those ‘lovely lady lumps’ have not grown to their full potential yet **wink wink** So certain clothing should be put aside or worn indoors as we mature with time.
  • Occasion : As self explanatory as this factor might seem, a lot of times we ladies ignore the importance of  dressing to fit the occasion and yet are quick to complain when we get harassed or get told-off because of how we are dressed. In as much as others shouldn’t judge a woman singularly on how she is dressed, don’t expect everyone to be refined enough recognize her true worth. It’s your responsibility to protect yourself and values by the choices you make with your wardrobe.
  • Personal Preference : This one cancels out the two factors above. You and you alone have the power to decide what you want to wear once you reach a certain age. As long as you are ready to handle all the prejudice out there, if you feel confident and comfortable wearing that skirt, honey wear it! Sadly society has collectively manufactured these labels based on physical appearances but who you really are within is the true you and not the length of your skirt.

With these three factors elaborated above, permit me to ask once more “how short is too short?”I say it is influenced by the listed factors amongst other things. Do you agree?