June 19, 2016


June 19, 2016


June 19, 2016

Father’s day is around the corner and it is another time to appreciate the men in our lives. Pleasing men has been considered a difficult thing, because as men, we are usually okay with anything and we do not really fuss about anything.

However, here are a couple of items that will have any man smiling from here to Timbuktu in Mali. We each know and understand our fathers better than anyone else, probably our mothers. Here are a couple general guidelines and tips that you can’t go wrong with.

You can always play it safe and break the gift categories to three main guidelines:

  1. Clothing
  2. Accessories
  3. Technology
  4. Personal Hygiene Items
  5. Stationery



Men are not so picky, you can play it safe by getting dark tones or dark colored clothing items as well as print shirts. These are like navy blue , grays, black or tones of brown.

This can be as simple as a set of polo shirts, a pair of dark chinos, a set of socks or a set of shirts.

acelloti-1413-9388144-1-zoom father carl-mendo- shirts Father cortis-5270-015513-1-zoom Gold shirt

Some of the causal and official shirts available in the men’s fashion category in Jumia Fashion


Some men love their accessories more than others, be it a good classic watch, cool sunglasses or gold bracelets. Treat your father to any of these simple yet amazing gifts. This can either be something that he loves, or something that you want him to try out. The amazing thing about jewelry you can always get something personalized where you write a little message to him like “You’re the best” “love you to the moon and back” among other messages.

citizen-1657-8811924-1-zoom fashion-brand-3583-1229722-1-zoom floureon-8938-0872934-3-zoom



Technology is on a constant upgrade or change. Getting technology for your father would be playing it safe yet you would have added functionality to his life. For instance you can get him an iPad to read and watch news whenever does not want to fight over the remote control. You can get him a smartwatch or even those cool Bluetooth speakers. Even a new phone would be good enough. Just check out what your father needs in his life and you are set to go.

apple-3204-249344-1-zoom father lker-5213-0899934-1-zoom father samsung-8886-2389222-1-zoom


This can be a bottle of cologne, a luxurious after-shave cream or even a gift set. This is really handy and its something that he will use everyday and will be a good conversation starter wherever he goes.

calvin-klein-2953-1977834-2-zoom father dolce-gabbana-9031-1816934-1-zoom tom-ford-4390-7677934-1-zoom


Its always important to also stick to the basics. Something functional can be a personalized card holder, personalized pens and note pad, or even a mug that has a message written on it. At times, its the thought that counts.

Images from Notonthehighstreet

The most important thing is to celebrate the Fathers out there, appreciating the effort that they have put in our lives and their availability for us.

Happy Father’s Day!!!