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March 2, 2017

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March 2, 2017

Easy Tips For Flawless Skin!

March 2, 2017
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     Alright so, have you ever wondered why you have those breakouts or why you have dark spots on your face? Have you ever wondered why it takes so long to heal or so long to disappear? Alright, you know we are suckers for a good beauty products…. we are!!!!

Hear are some easy tips to help you achieve that flawless skin. I have also put up a few links to get these products delivered to your doorstep.

Moisturize Daily – You need it to look and feel younger, for your face to feel softer and more hydrated. In the morning, try a light formula with sunscreen that absorbs well At night, go with a dense cream  to soothe while you sleep, trust me it works magic.!

Wearing Sunscreen saves your skin from the wrath of the sun we suffer in this country.


As a result of too many factors, we end up with dry chapped lips. They could lead to sores and in other to avoid them and achieve that smooth soft lip, apply a thick balm the moment you feel your lips drying up.


Reducing pores and Preventing shine, As i mentioned earlier, the wrath of the sun is upon us, a few key products can keep your skin from turning into an oil slick by noon.

Avoiding dark circles- The fist trick in avoiding dark circles is to try getting at least six hours of sleep daily. After which you dab on an eye cream and let it sink in for ten minutes. This prevents makeup from creasing. Make sure your concealer is emollient and easy to spread and let the eye cream do its work.



You have to avoid Blemish and improve hydration, If you have a pimple or two its fine. We all have pimples, what you should do however is keep your hands off the pimple. Untouched zits usually go away in a few days; picked ones can take up to two weeks to heal. The trick is to start with a cleanser that doesn’t strip your skin (no moisturizer can penetrate a layer of flakes). Then double up on your moisturizers.


Avoiding a dull dry skin especially during the dry weather, this is a priority when trying to achieve a flawless skin. Using a serum when moisturizing leaves your skin smooth with a brighter glow.

Avoiding Ashy Skin With Black spots – The problem here is dead skin. And the solution: Lots of gentle exfoliation and a little bit of shine. there are different serums for different purposes, If you want extra moisture, smoother lines and firmer skin click on the link below. Also to  fade dark spots, try a serum with soy.

Rid your face of every makeup before bed, you don’t want to wake up looking like the joker.

And hey, drink lots and lots of water.

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