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June 27, 2016

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June 27, 2016

Bikini For Your Body

June 27, 2016

The beauty about a tropical country like Nigeria is the fact that the average lowest temperature is 26 degree Celsius. This is actually quite high compared to several temperate countries in the world. In other words, in as much as we have two main seasons in Nigeria, it is more or else summer all year round? How cool is that? Suitable weather…Check ✔
Now let’s talk bikinis! In today’s post, I’d be sharing tips on how to select the right bikini to suit your body shape. For the female body, there are five main shapes;



From left to right; Oval, hourglass, rectangle, triangle and inverted triangle shapes.
These shapes have been attributed based on the top to bottom ratio of the female body.

Oval Shape
The oval shaped woman carries most of her weight in her mid region (stomach). To flatter this full figure, go for one-piece bikinis that have a firm hold around the belly. Like this Kamokini ribbed maillot one piece with a beautiful black lace cover. The ribs placed strategically in the abdomen part of this bathing suit will do the trick for an oval shaped lady by holding-in her stomach. Click the photo for more details.


Hourglass Shape
When a woman has broad hips, a smaller waist-line and a bust-line similar to her hips, she is said to have an hourglass figure. If you have a voluptuous hourglass figure, don’t be shy to show off your curves in a two piece bikini or a monokini. click the photo for more details.

Rectangular Shape
This athletic figure has slender shoulder, waist and hip lines. There is little or no curve compared to the other female body shapes. To create dimension, try bikinis or monokinis with geometric lines and shapes such as this Kamokini scuba maillot. Click the photo for more details.


Triangle Shape
Heavy at the bottom half of the body compared to the top half. To balance out this figure, experiment with bikinis that have design details (such as ruffles, embroidery or pleats) or on the top half, this will pull attention to the top half of your body instead of the bottom. Like this Poosh two piece bikini which has a lovely metal snake detail on the top part. Click the photo for more details.


Inverted Triangle.
Women with inverted triangle shapes have broad shoulders and smaller waists as well as hips. To draw attention away from your shoulders, opt for bikinis which have design features such as embellishments, ruffles, pleats, bright colours, e.t.c. on the the bottom part of the bikini set. These details would balance out your figure by acting as distractions from your obviously broad shoulders like the polka dot bikini bottom of this Audrey Blythe bikini set. Click the photo for more details.


Hope you found the juicy information shared above useful. Now, who’s ready to go bikini shopping?