May 10, 2017


May 10, 2017


May 10, 2017


We’re expecting the rains to take over soon; this means CHANGE!! Obviously not Buhari’s kind of change. While we wait fr the rains to come we bring you the latest surprise today!! How to pull off the beautiful spring look. As usual we have each link below for you to shop directly and get the awesome look!

Spring can only be compared with fun and pretty colors, from green, blue, purple and he likes. The time for playful eye shadows, colored liners and bright lip colors.

Stay with us as we give you the steps to pull off the awesome look.

A foundation primer is needed for EVERYTHING!!! You need the primer as a base for your foundation to keep your make up the whole day. Use your foundation brush and take it round your face. Shop here

Apply a small amount of this 24 hours divine perfection foundation, blend evenly all over your face and you’re good to go. Shop here

As a base for your highlighter, the beyond perfection concealer is perfect for highlighting. Shop here.

Ben Nye is the best setting Powder there is; put this on the concealer and leave to set for a few minutes. Shop here.

Spring is all about the colors; nude and subtle colors for spring. Dab the pink shade all over your lid and make sure to blend evenly. Tale the lighter shade of pink and push towards the inner canthus of your eye for the glow. Shop here

Dab the navy blue shadow above your crease and blend evenly. Shop here

Use this to finish up your base and add a little under your eye and b your inner corner. Blend well and your good to go. Shop here

Use this to finish up your base and add a little under your eye and b your inner corner. Blend well with the fusia pink and you’ll have the PERFECT shadow. Shop here

Glide this along your inner eye and on your lid. Make sure its a straight line. To make it more flattering you can add a winged or a cat line. Shop here

Add extreme volume to your eye lashes with this high impact clinique mascara. Shop here

Use the eyelash glue to hold this together and give yourself the extra touch. Shop here.

The Anastasia glow kit is perfect for the final touches. Shop here.

Use this warm terracotta brown lip kit on your lip and your spring look is ready!!! Shop here.