How to Create the Perfect Pout : Lip Contouring Tutorial with Lola Maja

July 29, 2015

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July 29, 2015

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July 29, 2015

Ombre means having two different colors that are monochromatic.

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Ombre isn’t just for your hair! The sexy, ombré  lip look is one you’re going to want to wear always, and shout to the world about it. Be creative and bold with your makeup and try out this ombre lip look. Recreate the look using makeup from your favorite brands at Jumia.


Ombre lips can look awesome, but if not done correctly they can make you look very tacky! The secret to doing ombre lips is to first try it out with your regular lip colors. Play around with different hues that merge well together and once you are satisfied with the results only then step out into the open.

All you need for this interesting gradient lipstick is a concealer, a lip liner, and a very light shade of lipstick.

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Step by Step Ombre Lips:

Apply concealer over your lips to hide the natural colour.

Use the dark lip liner to create a line around the edge of your lips as you would normally. Add more of this dark colour lip liner to the corner of your lips bringing this dark colour in towards the middle, but do not colour all of your lips with this shade. You can also extend this line and thicken it at the top and bottom of your lip if you wish.

Apply your pale colour to the middle of your lips that do not have the darker lip liner on them. Press your lips together once or twice but do not smear the colours together by rubbing your lips side to side or back and forth. Simply press your lips together and pull apart again in one smooth motion.

At this stage you can use your lip brush or cotton bud to blend the edges of your colours together to create a fading effect.

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Easy and fresh, just for a minute or two, you have an extraordinary lip makeup for a perfect finish! You might change the colors to red or pink if you feel they will be closer to your taste and style!



Photocredit: The Bellezart Life DepecheGurl