September 2014

The Undisputed Black Suit

September 22, 2014

A black suit is probably not the most versatile suit color on the planet. If I only need one suit in my wardrobe – I definitely will go for a solid navy suit. It’s a no-brainer. The beauty of a navy suit is that it can be worn for any occasion that ask for a suit and it can also be made to look like …

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Metallichique – The Futuristic Fashion Trend

September 16, 2014

“metallic fashion trend” Most of the fashion trends ruling the runways are trends that have been around for a while. You won’t argue about wearing shimmery dresses growing up or having to use glitz to accessorize your outfit to stand out from everyone. This year the metallic trend, the futuristic trend we spotted on movies like ‘The Matrix’ has come back to stay with metal …

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Ocean view with Shades of Blue

September 15, 2014

I guess all-blue-everything is the new all-black everything. For this look, I decided to play around with some shades of blue in my wardrobe and here is what I’m wearing ; The key to achieving success is to mix different shades into one look without looking like a masquerade :) Need I say more about bright colored pants? for me, its a lifestyle. They are …

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Exotic Feeling – Casual Moments

September 9, 2014

I have to say upfront – You are either going to love or hate this look. And I can really pinpoint two things that can really split opinions for Men. First, the bright coloured blazer, and Secondly, a blazer with shorts. I really believe that one statement piece (blazer, pant,shoe, shorts, and even suits) belongs in every gentleman’s wardrobe, no matter how conservative you consider …

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Style Up Thursday Workwear in All Black Everything

September 4, 2014

There is something as such as transforming yourself to fit different occasions. The thursday style up workwear meets up Ainoa who loves to wear her Night-wears during the day time. Today she is styled up to work in all Black leather midi dress on stripy Black sandals.   The All black workwear makes it easy to change up plans which is most likely going to …

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Style up Wednesday in Double Denim – Funmi’s Workwear

September 3, 2014

Meet Funmi on Style up workwear Wednesday Funmi the fashionable Head of Fashion loves to play dress up like she is the perfect example of someone who is not scared to go edgy with her fashion style. Even though she loves to dress down but she still has to look Glamorous. She styles up her wednesday workwear in Double Denim trend long sleeve boyfriend Denim …

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Style UP Tuesday with Tosin’s Work Wear

September 2, 2014

Its another workday and that doesn’t stop styling up. Today it is tosin who is showing us how she styles up her workwear on a Tuesday. Monochrome is not only for the monday but you can have Smart tuesday outfit with Monochrome prepped up Full skirt on a chiffon top. And the shoes have to be simple to complement the simple chic look she is …

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Style up the Work Wear – 7Days 7Looks – Day 1 Meet Wunmi

September 1, 2014

Meet Wunmi on Work wear Monday Wunmi opts for a look that is boardroom ready with an edge.   For Wunmi Monochrome monday is the way to start off your week. The only thing that really matters is to like your outfit and feel comfortable in them. There is a boost about feeling like a boss Lady and Wunmi’s work wear for Monday defines her …

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