PROCESSOR: 1.5GHz 6-Core
BATTERY LIFE: 2430mAh Li-Ion
SCREEN SIZE: 5.5-Inch Gorilla Glass
RESOLUTION: 720*1280
Front: 5.0 Megapixels
Back: 13.0 Megapixels
WEIGHT: 0.2kg
PROCESSOR: 1.5GHz quad-core
BATTERY LIFE: 2600mAh Li-Ion
SCREEN SIZE: 6.0-Inch IPS Touchscreen
RESOLUTION: 720*1280
Front: 8.0 Megapixels
Back: 13.0 Megapixels
WEIGHT: 0.1kg

SIMILARITIES: Both the Tecno R7 and Phantom A3 have Ambient Light Sensor that adjust display backlight which improves user experience and power saving by optimizing display. Also, there is a proximity sensor that disables accidental touch events. They have IPS LCD screen for sharp display and clarity and they both run on the efficient Android 4.2.2 Jelly bean operating system. They both have 3G, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities that ensure smooth connectivity. Enjoy your favourite radio programs on the go through the FM Radio available on these phones. There won’t be issues finding your way around with the help of GPS navigation at your disposal on both phones. It will interest you to know that, though, there is different in the length of both phone but their thickness is the same. The two Tecno phones comes preloaded with a lot of applications like Facebook, WhatsApp, Palmchat, BBM and more. There is google playstore preinstalled where you can download more applications and games, this makes both phones fun and exciting to use.

DIFFERENCES: Despite all the similarities, there are features that sets this two amazing mobile phones apart. The Tecno R7 boost of a superior and faster processor, and for the on any Tecno phone ever made, the R7 is fitted with the sturdy corning gorilla glass HD screen. This makes the glass surface scratch proof, this ensure it withstand the rigor of an active life. What the Phantom A3 does not have in terms of speed and strong screen, it compensates with its sharp high definition camera and an efficient battery. Battery capacity is the most accurate indicator of overall battery performance, and with a capacity of 2600mAh, the phantom A3 leads the line in this regard. Also, it has a slim design that makes it lightweight and handy enough to fit into your pocket. The Tecno R7 has a lower resolution front facing camera of 5 MP compared to an 8 MP resolution of the Tecno phantom A3 front facing camera. This makes the A3 more suitable for skyping and for taking sharp selfies.

THE WINNER: When it comes to hardware that really matters, the phantom A3 seems to be steps ahead of the Tecno R7. And to cap it all, it comes relatively cheaper than the R7. There is nothing else you need in a mobile phone that the phantom A3 doesn’t offer and more.