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Trends for Summer

Jumia Buying Guide

summer clothing trends

The summer season provokes a sense of beauty in everything including fashion. Reflecting on the colour statements people are making is truly fascinating; from lighter shades to more classic tones. The mood and theme for choosing different colour trends for clothing is drawn from personal inspiration. The burst of colours we are seeing clearly reveals the lively lifestyles both men and women go for during this awesome season. Summer is known to see plenty of colours and this year is no different as it is clearly shown in the fabulous choices of apparels chosen so far.

We presented you with a wide range of stylish clothing, shoes and accessories coming in different colours ranging from the refined to the more sophisticated. Here are your top 5 picks:

Men Accessories

Belts, wallets, cufflinks, ties and socks are what completes the looks of an elegant man. Black, brown, silver, red and blue coloured accessories chosen by you signifies the intent to make perfect pairings.

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Women Accessories

Drawing attention to your look with fancifully designed accessories. The top trending colours for bags, purses, belts, earrings, necklaces and bracelets are gold, black, silver, red and blue

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Men Clothing

Plain trousers, chinos, polo shirts, t-shirts and long sleeve shirts lets you stay in tune with the loudness of summer. The top trending colours for men clothing are blue, white, black, grey and red.

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Women clothing

Women love their black dresses and it is clearly shown in the summer picks so far; from gowns, tops, shirts to skirts. The green/white, blue, red and multi colours are also in the mix.

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Men Shoes

Loafers, moccasins, plimsolls and trainers are suited to the long summer walk and this is clearly revealed in your picks. The top colour choices for shoes are black, brown, grey, navy blue and tan in that order.

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Women Shoes

Having a balanced an awesome look with stilettos, ballerinas, pumps, court shoes and strappy heeled sandals. Women love to match shoes with their outfits and the top trending colours of black, red, nude, blue and brown clearly depicts this.

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Men Watches

Dressing up your look with stylishly designed watches to boost confidence. Your top picks are black, silver, brown, blue and white coloured watches revealing the bold nature of man.

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Women Watches

Staying in the mix with stylish watches designed to add charm to your overall appearance. The top trending colours of silver, gold, black, white and red shows the flamboyant nature of women.

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