What Is Jumia Choice?
Jumia Choice is a curated selection of our top rated and verified reviewed products from highly rated sellers. Our goal is to help you improve your shopping experience - What you see is what you get. All Jumia Choice products have the img badge for easy identification
How Can I identify Jumia Choice items?
You can identify a Jumia Choice product by the black and orange badge on the products
What does Jumia Choice Guarantee?
Jumia Choice guarantees that all products are:
-Authentic and delivered in perfect condition
-Benefit from extended returns policy on Jumia Mall items
-Fast delivery with Jumia Express items
What is the return policy on Jumia Choice items?
You can return all eligible item(s) within 15 days for Jumia Mall items and 7 days for Marketplace items. For more details on item eligible for return, click here
What is the cancellation policy on Jumia Choice items?
You can cancel your order before it is shipped by clicking here to submit a cancellation request. If your order is already shipped, you can create an online return request or by calling our Customer Service. See information about our refund timelines here
How do I contact the Customer Service?
The fastest way to contact our customer services is by filling the form here. You can also call us on here

Jumia Choice - What You See Is What You Get

Thinking of selling your unique product online and you are not sure of the best place and platform that will be suitable for you to sell and make plenty of profit? Well, Jumia Choice is a new platform that is set aside for vendors that sell at the marketplace. On this platform, you get to sell only authentic products that have a low return rate.

Why you should choose Jumia Choice as your best bet for actualizing your dream of selling your quality products and make enormous profits. On this platform, every product that receives positive reviews, low rate of returns will get a Jumia's Choice badge which will certify that the product meets customer's specs, features, needs and requirements. When you sell on Jumia, the badge will certainly set you apart from the rest of the vendors meaning, shoppers that are looking for vendors with quality products will easily identify those with Jumia Choice badge and that means they will order from you.


When you place products that have low return rate, it means more sales and increases in revenue for you and you can be sure that the same buyer will look out for your store when next they are to buy something online. This is an opportunity for you to sell and make a profit while you can still compete with other sellers because you only sell good quality products and that is what buyers are constantly looking for. As we all know that no one wishes to be sold fake product, so what you put online should be what you should deliver to your customer.

Jumia's Choice is a badge awarded to products that meet customer's requirements. When your products are certified to be of good quality then our technical team will review if those customers are verified buyers before the badge can be given. To enjoy this privilege, you must always meet the needs of the customers and they must be satisfied with the product and the pricing too. 


Did you just say why Jumia's Choice? Well, Jumia has built trust with its loyal customers over the years, and to maintain this trust and adjust the narrative of bad, poor, fake or faulty items being sold on our online store by vendors. This is one of the many reasons we are advising all vendors to ensure all listed items must conform to a standard.