Why Shop on Jumia?

Jumia is Nigeria's #1 online marketplace which delivers on customer satisfaction with ease to use online platform, a wide variety of 100% genuine products at affordable prices, secure payment options and on time delivery.

How to Shop on Jumia


Add to cart


Different ways to find products on Jumia

1. Search for your product(s)

2. Browse the catalog

3. Find promoted offers

4. Refine your selection by using "Filters"

Video tutorial on how to find product(s)

Different ways to add product(s) to cart

1. Add product(s) directly from the catalog by clicking on "BUY NOW"

2. Review product and add to cart by clicking on "BUY NOW"

Checkout process

1.1 Proceed to "CHECKOUT" from product page, after clicking on "BUY NOW"

1.2 or Click on "PROCEED TO CHECKOUT" from the cart

2. Register on Jumia by using your email or facebook

3. Complete your profile and click on "SAVE & CONTINUE"

4. Review your order

5. Choose your payment method and confirm your order

Video tutorial on how to place an order