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Mobile Week 2019: The Biggest Mobile Phone Sales of the Year

At Jumia, we are known to offer the best prices online for the world's hottest mobile phone brands ranging from Innjoo, Infinix, Tecno, LG, Samsung, Lenovo, Apple and so much more. Enjoy unbelievable mobile phone deals during the Mobile Week 2019. This year's Mobile Week Reloaded is definitely going to break the internet, even bigger than Jumia black Friday! Do not be left behind on this wonderful week-long mobile phone price slash. Now is the right time to buy that sleek mobile phone you have been craving for. Wow your loved ones with mobile phone gifts during this amazing week of incredible price slashes and flash sales on your favorite phone brands. It is definitely going to be bigger than last year’s mobile week with a lot of new and exciting deals all up for grabs at unimaginable discounts. Be it the latest iPhone, Tecno, Infinix, Samsung, HTC, Innjoo & more, you are sure to get them all here. Are you having issues updating to the latest Android OS or iOS, then it’s time to get a new mobile phone? With the biggest mobile phone sales of the year happening May 6th - 12th, you sure don’t want to miss out on this amazing opportunity. Jumia has amazing smartphone deal available for everyone. Keep your loved ones, friends, family, and colleagues connected this season with a brand new smartphone during the mobile week. Whether you are a teenager, undergraduate, businessman or entrepreneur, military personnel, we have the right smartphone package for you. Are you the type that lives on a budget, don’t be worried we are certain you will get a brand new smartphone for your budget come March. We have a lot planned for you this season such as lowest prices on all smartphones, tablets, and accessories, over 1 million deals from your favorite brands, daily flash sales, and fast delivery service. Don’t get left out in this year’s biggest mobile sale event in Nigeria. Take advantage of our pay on delivery or online payment options and order for your favorite brand of mobile phone.


Top Mobile Phone Brands this Mobile Week:




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