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Asus Vivobook

Asus is recognized as the 5th-largest PC vendor in the world with their computers designed with powerful specifications and features to give users the best of its use. The Vivo lineup is one of their most prominent lineups which includes PC, desktops, and many other computer hardware and supplies. The Vivobook is the laptop lineup in the Vivo series with premium configurations and model for your business and personal uses. There is the E, F, Max, Pro, S, W, X, and 4k series, available in different sizes from the slim and sleek 14”, 15” to the 17”. The latest models have the frameless nano-edge display that gives you more than enough viewing space with an ultra-slim 5.7mm bezel and 88% screen-to-body ratio. This lineup has various color options for each model, allowing you to feel its style and elegance.

The Vivibook Pro have high-performance processors and graphics units that allow you to enjoy the best of your creative working. They are perfect for your animation works, programming, picture, and video editing with their full HD display. The S series has ultra-slim bezels, giving you the best of viewing space to give bold and detailed contents. They are sleek and unconventional, suitable for your office works. The everyday VivoBook is the perfect student PC. It is low budget, with more than basic specifications for surfing the net, keeping up with school demands and other light works. It also has the requirements for necessary entertainment purposes. The Flip series are the latest things in town, as they are the 2-in-1 PC that has you using them as either a tablet or a laptop. It is very versatile with its touchscreen, pen touch support and bendable hinges. You can use them more convenient in whatever mode you prefer, without missing out on any of its features. The business models have up to 1TH HDD for your multitasking abilities.

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