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Ramadan Season is upon us:  a season of purity, community unity and charity, core values that we must encourage and remind ourselves to live by throughout the year.
As the months and the years go by,  we can get lost in the whirlwind and forget that we should always show generosity to our neighbor, provide help to the needy, reach out to someone in need, lay bare all internal quarrels in our family and stand together as one.

Ramadan season is a reminder for us to get back to the essentials and show thankfulness to God and generosity to others. It is in that spirit that we are partnering this year with a very special orphanage through the Share Love on Ramadan Campaign.The campaign is very close to our hearts here at Jumia and we hope you will find it meaningful and embracing the values you hold dear on Ramadan.

share love this ramadan season

While we have done many charity events in the past, this one is exceptional as it is the first time we are creating such initiative in the North, and more precisely in Kano State.
Jumia for Ramadan is partnering with the Nasarawa Children’s Home orphanage located in the outskirts of Kano. The Home is based in the outskirts of Kano, supported by the government and provides shelter for children between the ages of 2 and 18 years.
We will be building up a fund all through Ramadan for the Home and share on Id ul Fitr, the funds

collected will be used to purchase toys, clothes, school furniture, books, as well as any big equipment the orphanage needs to improve the lives of the children and the staff.
Jumia will thus travel to Kano on Id ul Fitr to celebrate the end of the Holy Season with the children and the staff, offering them all that you and us have been able to gather all through the season. We will be publishing on our blog and regularly update this page on contributions made towards this campaign.

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For every purchase you make on the Ramadan store, a fund of ₦100 will be taken from our revenues and go to the cause. You can thus help and participate in the Share Love Campaign by shopping for your Ramadan essentials in the Ramadan Shop.

For every purchase you make on the Ramadan store, a child’s life is being changed for the better.