Jumia buying guide

Headphones have become important mobile accessories especially amongst today's youth. They come in handy for music enjoyment and hands-free phone calls. The headphones that come with mobile phones and MP3 players are very basic and do not provide the best audio experience which leaves you with an option of getting a better one. Here are a few things to look out for when buying headphones and earpieces.

Noise cancelling-Headphones with noise cancelling features have little microphones built into the headphones that produce signals to reverse outside noises and cancel them out. They are the best for having phone conversations. Head phone brands with this feature include the beats by dre and Sony headphones.

Sound - isolating headphones - This kind of headphones are perfect when on the road or in transit so your music can only be heard by you alone at full volume without disturbing the person sitting next to you. They usually have rubber sphere-like tips slotting into your ear canal or cupped designs which surround your ears from your immediate environment. They provide more accurate and clearer sound. The Skullcandy brand is known for this type of headphones.

Hi-fi -This type of headphones are designed to produce concert-like sound experience to the ear. There are no reflections as it allows sound leave from the back of each pad. It is ideal for use when enjoying music alone. It is not suitable for use in offices or transit environments.


Sports and Workouts - These are headphones that are perfect training partners for sports activities and workouts at gyms. They come with clip designs that ensure they stay in place even during rigorous sporting activities. They provide quality sound and act as motivation to keep going. The Bose SIE2i Sport Headphones power beats in-ear headphones is a perfect example of a proper sports and workout headphone.


Here are different headphone styles and designs:

In-ear headphones - These are very common and perfect with MP3 players. They are lightweight and easy to carry around in your pocket.

Around-ear clip headphones - These are designed to clip securely in place by wrapping around the back of the ears. They are also useful for sport activities.

On-ear headphones - are designed with a band connecting the headphones that wraps around the head while it rests lightly on both ears.

Full size headphones - they have large ear cups that fully enclose the ears. This reduces pressure on the ear and allows for greater comfort for long hours of use.