Flats vs Heels

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Shoes are essential in our lives and they are made to beautify our feet. They are made for comfort and convenience. Shoes are known to have been dated 15,000 years ago where human feet are wrapped with animal skin or fur; this is to show how essential shoes are because you will not love to walk around on a bare foot.

It is believed that the trends of shoes keep increasing to the extent that there are many kinds of shoes that include the flat shoes and high-heels. These two kinds of shoes have their differences and similarities. The question is if you had that feasibility of making a choice of which shoe to buy, which shoes would you buy?


Flat shoes more convenient to walk in and they are also comfortable. You are able to run, walk fast in it unlike the heels. Everyone definitely has a pair of flat shoes at home, even the high-heels lovers would have at least have one flat shoe in their closet. However, been a flat shoe lover can cause fallen arches on the sole of the foot because the foot might become all most flat because of the inch between the shoe and the sole of the shoe and this causes pains and inability to take long walks. There are different types of flats which ranges from ballerinas, brogues and more. Most people assume that flat shoes are for casual occasions but sometimes you can wear it for a formal occasion if it is paired appropriately and also by wearing the right type of flat shoe for the right occasion.

How to pair your flats and still look professional

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High heels on the other hand have different types which include strappy heels, pumps, and stilettos. They actually give a different look to the whole outfit. They make your legs look longer and your feet smaller. The heels give you added height and graciousness as well. It also helps you in achieving a better posture, you stand straighter, your butts stick out a little, your back arches lightly and gait look. However, wearing heels also has its serious health issues like having leg pain, hurting feet, feet deformations but some people still love it because of the beauty it adds to the feet. Be sure that high heels are not just for informal occasions but you can also wear it for formal occasions depending on what type of heel you wear.

How to Rock your heels

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