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Shop TV wall mount in Nigeria online via Jumia

It is always fun to watch television and relish your favorite show but sometimes you do not find the apt position for the device for placement. Nowadays you do not find the older versions of TVs that were quite bigger and possessed a fuller body structure and were required to be placed on the trolleys. Now there are smart and thin LCD or LED panels that cannot be supported by TV tables. For such displays, particular sort of TV equipment is required. That are the TV supports. They are also most likely known as TV wall brackets. Either hanged on wall of small house or of restaurants, they are the best to become the backbone of your precious TV. Are you tired of using the laptop for viewing the inventory of any online shopping portal and want a worthy change then rely on Jumia because now it has well-designed mobile application that allows the users to not only have an overview of the inventory but they can also add the wares into the wish list and place orders whenever they desire to buy TV wall mount in Nigeria.

Types of TV supports or mounts

Low-profile TV mount

Low-profile TV mounts are the most common and inexpensive sort of television accessories. The installation procedure is also quite easy just like hanging a picture on the wall. This mount comprises of a simple metal frame with two upright posts where the TV can be attached. The TV that is hung is kept nearly one inch away from the wall. These mounts are also best for minimizing the television in rooms and hence are apt for small rooms.

Tilting TV mount

Tilting TV mount and the low-profile one have a price difference, which is the adjustment of vertical viewing angle in tilting mount. In the center of the installation bracket, there is a pivot that makes it more effortless in viewing from high or low positions. If your target is the boardroom or you want to locate your television above the fireplace then this type is the best. This wall mount for TV supports 2 to 4 inches of distance from the TV to the wall.

Full-motion TV mount

These full-motion TV mounts have diverse functionalities like swivel and tilt up and down and also right and left. Television is somehow connected to an arm of the mount and that arm is supposed to pull the device away from the wall, permitting the horizontal swivel. The living spaces and open-air kitchens are perfect for such kinds of mounts.

Ceiling TV mount

Other than the flat screen wall mounts, there are also the supports for the ceiling or the most likely the area near the ceiling. This feature is best for the areas where the space on the wall is limited and the TV has to be hanged near the ceiling.

Platform TV mount

There is also something valuable for CRT monitors, which is platform mount. The several shelves are designed to hold the TV components, hence making this accessory perfect for commercial locations.