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USB cables is a short form of Universal Serial Bus, which is a type of a connector for communication protocols. USB cables are commonly included in the packaging of most electronic gadgets. These cables function in order to transfer high-speed data between computers and devices including HDTVs, mobile phones, cameras, printers and massive storage devices. USB cables are available in a wide array of sizes and types, those that compliment the USB standards and an endorsed logo. Before making a choice, buyers need to read the user manual for the device to check the specification.

USB data cables are in Nigeria are available at Jumia, an online leading shopping community offering wide variety of good quality electronics and its accessories. Before buying these cables, shoppers need to understand the basic difference between the connectors. The factor that helps them identify which cable is required and get familiar with the hazards of using a wrong cable.

Types of USB Connectors

There are almost 6 Kinds connectors available – Standard A: it is a host or downstream connector, rectangular shaped connector which is plugged into the computer’s USB port or a device, most commonly used type of connector. Usb printer cables are of this type. Standard B: usually available with large peripheral devices such as; printers and scanners, Rectangular shaped connector with two top edges slightly covered inwards. Mini and micro: usually found with small devices such as; mobile phones and digital cameras, a mini USB cable is used where devices get connected with others directly. USB 2.0: data transfer time for this cable is 40 times more of that of 1.0, allow multiple devices to run at the same time, the limitation is that computer should have multiple connecting ports. Wireless USB: designed to meet the growing demand for wireless technology, it has the Bluetooth and radiofrequency technology to make connections, wireless keyboards and mouse works with these. USB 3.0: these are super speed USB, 10 times faster than that of other technologies, the expected output of 5 Gbps expected.

Aspects to Consider while Buying a USB Cable.

Before buying, buyers need to identify the type they want. They shall also consider some point before choosing a certain kind of cable

. Compatibility of Cable and Host: these cables are designed to work well with many devices or more than one host. For example, a USB cable can be connected to any PC, Mac or a mobile phone. It may not work efficiently but will work. USB Cable Length Limitations: before placing an order, be sure of the length you require. Don’t get too long or too short cables as it can limit your work and decrease efficiency. If buyers need more than the normal length of cable, they can get USB cable extensions such as; Hubs to make connections with more than one cable.

USB Cable Failure: some of the cables may fail to work well, this could be the compatibility issue.

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