16MP Selfie,

Sharper and Brighter

16MP selfie camera captures stunning,
high-resolution photos with zero shutter
lag. Combining “4 in 1” technology, four
images taken with different exposures of
the same moment are combined into an
optimal one that is 30% brighter. With
noise removal 50% better, the newest
ArcSoft® Smart Denoise technology
takes your photographing experience
one step further.



Brightness 30%


Noise Removal 50%

ArcSoft® Smart Denoise Technology

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Shine All Over

Camon CX captures amazing selfies equally day and night. It comes
with a smart dual-front-flash system to double the amount of light
and brighten the imaging process adequately, 136% brighter than the
previous model and 30% brighter over a single flash. So you'll get
bright and clear selfies even in darkness.

Over Camon C9

Over Single Flash

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Customised Real-Time,
Portrait Filters

With eight real-time portrait filters provided, it boosts your creativity
and enriches your daily life. Post your immediately share-worthy
selfies to social network at a single touch and get your friends
involved in the pleasure.

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Live Spontanoeusly,
Capture Spontaneously

Stay stunning as you are, and let your phone take care of the rest. The
fingerprint sensor does not only recognize who you are, but also serves
as a snap button for recording life in 0.1s.

Fingerprint Quick Snap

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Wide-Angle Front Camera,
Made for Group Selfies

Your eyes take in a lot, so does the front camera of Camon CX. Use the regular
mode for a little get-together, and activate the 120° wide-angle mode for a big
gathering. The wide-angle capability allows you to fit a wider background and
more friends into one fantastic group selfie.

Capture the World as Beautiful

16MP back camera captures awe-inspiring pictures in clarity. The 6P lens is paired with Sony Exmor R IMX298 image sensor and
F/2.0 aperture to enter 20% more light for brighter images. Blue glass is used as IR cut filter lens to effectively remove flare and
ghost images. PDAF enabled, it focuses in 0.1s to record every wonder.

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Genuine Full Metal Build
from One Piece of
Aerospace-Grade Aluminum

Camon CX boasts of genuine full metal build. It is a piece
of art painstakingly carved out of a slab of premium
aerospace-grade aluminum alloy, which has involved
272 delicate carving processes, 15 refining processes
and hundreds of precise debugging processes. The sleek
metal structure is finished with rounded chamfered edges
and subtle curves to deliver an amazing touch as it looks.

Noise Removal 50%
ArcSoft® Smart Denoise Technology

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Born To Impress

Crafted through the most advanced metal processing technology, the phone boasts of a 5.6mm
exquisite build in the thinnest part. Holding Camon CX in your hand, the smooth styling of it offers
not only outstandingly comfortable grip, but a look so stunning that you won't be able to
take your eyes off.

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Born To Impress

The 5.5" FHD screen features 400 PPI high pixel density, so every detail is clearon the screen.
1500:1 contrast ratio makes the dark even darker and the white whiter. With 85% NTSC color
gamut, even the slightly different colors are accurately rendered to create depths to still
images and videos, which go beyond the visual acuity of human retina for optimal enjoyment.
Rated 500 nits, the super-bright screen demonstrates vibrantly and consistently both in direct sunlight and indoors.

Customised Ring Flash

Low light situation is absolutely a headache for photographer, so we are
introducing a game changer situated in the back of Camon CX.
Combining four bright flashes, the integrated ring flash system increases
light by 100% over a regular flash and casts evenly over darkness.

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Have a Bite of Fresh
Android™ 7.0, Nougat

Your powerful device is now running AndroidTM 7.0, which means more user-friendly interface, quicker
app launch and better app and battery management. You can switch wallpaper, clear cache or enter into
power saving mode at one touch. Add the infrequently used apps to Freezer and disable them temporarily
to save data, or activate Hi Manager to regulate data usage in real time. More creative apps are waiting for you!

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Light Speed Charge

Charging at the output of 5V2A, it delivers maximum 10W charging
power, which is way faster than the previous model. With only 10 minutes
of charge, the phone allows you to take as many as 1,000 photos. As it
takes in enough juice over a cup of coffee, it will keep you connected
when you are traveling far away or leaving in a hurry.

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