Back to School Supplies - School Resumption Shopping

In the midst of long, warm summer days filled with visits to the beach and sipping umbrella-ed drinks by the poolside, it’s not likely many of us are thinking of going back to the "S" place. But to avoid the last minute rush and missing out on what your child needs, now is a good time to start preparing for the big return. Make sure you don’t miss anything by using our ultimate back-to-school shopping checklists. We believe that the most important tool a student needs for the classroom is an active mind—but in addition to this, it’s important to stock up on some essential supplies he or she will need in class.

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For many parents, this involves wandering through stores, pushing an overflowing shopping cart, and wondering whether their child really needs that pack of glitter pens. Whether your child is starting elementary school, high school or university, one question echoes in the minds of parents: “what school supplies does my child need to make this year a successful one?”. At Jumia, you can save time, spend less while shopping online for quality school items at your own convenience. We have put together affordable back to school supplies for all categories of students; from new writing materials to new school shoes, backpacks, clothes, laptops, phones, books, school bags, lunch boxes and other supplies that can pique children’s interest about the new academic year.

Back to School Shopping Guide

School Shoes, Sandals & Sneakers: Starting the new session with comfortable footwear helps boost confidence. Shop durable & stylish shoes, sandals & sneakers at best prices.
Backpack: You’re never too old for a good backpack! Whether you have five classes in a day or one, having one bag to keep all your school supplies in is critical. Carrying loose items back and forth between home, school, work and your car is a recipe for getting things lost.
Textbooks: Yes, you will need to buy the required textbooks – but don’t worry! Our shop helps you quickly and easily find your textbooks with our customized textbook list.
Laptop or tablet: Make your work easier by shopping laptops and tablets to help with school projects and assignments. Stay ahead of your classmates with the best tools needed to get you going during the new school session.
Writing tools & Stationeries: While classrooms are becoming much more digital, writing tools are still a must-have in school. Depending on what kind of learner you are, you may need a variation of pens, highlighters, pencils, mechanical pencils, colored pencils, crayons, markers, highlighters, pencil sharpener, erasers, whiteout, etc.
Notebooks: Some teachers have particular preferences as to which kind of notebook is required for their courses. Because of this, it may be a good idea to pick up different sizes of notebooks
Lunch Boxes & Water Bottles: If you need to shop for items for their feeding, all you need to do is browse through our collection of beautiful lunch bags, lunch boxes, cutleries, napkins, flasks or water bottles and Bibs for younger children.
Other items could include, tape, rulers, laminator, binders, dictionary and other accessories to make your homeschool day more enjoyable (lamps, calendars, artwork, etc.) Let's get your children geared-up to get back to school by shopping online at Jumia Nigeria with over 50,000+ FREE vouchers for extra discounts on school items. Enjoy convenient payment methods as well as a next day delivery on all orders placed before 2pm during the school resumption shopping. Also, on orders above ₦10,000 excluding large items enjoys FREE delivery. We hope you have a great start to the back to school season!