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Discover a large assortment of baby grooming products on Jumia. Give your little one that delicate treat with our baby grooming products. Find genuine and high quality baby healthcare products online for your toddlers. Are you a busy mum and often don't have time to go to the baby shop to get your baby’s basic needs? Don’t hesitate to check out a large assortment of baby grooming kits, all in ones and bundles that come with everything your baby sitter needs to take good care of your baby. At Jumia we offer all sort of baby grooming products for baby boys and girls. Find baby health care products on Jumia that contain a pair of scissors, a nail clipper, and a nail file that are perfect for keeping your baby's tender fingernails and toenails safe. Hey or are you looking for a special gift for your latest goddaughter or your little niece? Look no further Jumia has got you covered.

Baby Grooming and Healthcare Products on Jumia

Find a large assortment of grooming and healthcare products online at Jumia. With the baby's healthcare medical kit available on Jumia you can dispense an accurate measurement of medicines for you little ones. The baby medical kits on Jumia helps you take care of your child's medical needs. Buy Sure-Dose medicine dropper, Medi-nurser with silicone nipple, nasal aspirator with ear syringe and more on Jumia. Get baby grooming & healthcare products at Jumia at fantastic prices. Explore a wide range of baby grooming & healthcare products for new mums, find christening gifts for loved ones and baby items for preschool today at Jumia at amazing prices. We provide you with set of baby combs, manicure sets, all kinds of baby smile kits that contain toothbrushes and toothpaste. Jumia Nigeria's range of essential kits for new mums are second to none. Shop grooming gift items on Jumia. Enjoy convenient pay options and fast delivery at Jumia.