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Everyone likes to walk into a room with a lavender smell. Be it in your house, office or car. Air fresheners make spaces enjoyable and breathable at times. Air fresheners can be in the form of sprays, candles, plug-ins, potpourri and diffusers. Customers can buy air fresheners in Nigeria through Jumia. Air fresheners are thereby different brands, forms and scents. And they differ in their purposes too.

A room air freshener can be used as a car air freshener. But the latter is more suited for cars because of its long-lasting nature. Room fresheners usually mask the bad odours in a room and neutralize the effect. Or scented ones through a dash of fragrance which slowly fades away. Car air fresheners, on the other hand, are more subtle. And constantly give out fragrances keeping the car scent.

Benefits of Air Fresheners

Even though there are perfumes for women and deodorants for men for personal hygiene. People still need something to clear the air. Air fresheners can serve more than just one purpose. There are some that play the role of a disinfectant. Yet others perform aromatherapy and release stress. Some are neutralizers and mask the smell of all odours and leave the air free. Apart from these functions, it is always a good idea to have an air freshener around. Nobody likes to walk into a room with bad odour.

What to keep in mind while buying an air freshener

Customer priorities change with their needs. Someone might want the product for home improvements. While others want it to create a stress-free environment in the office. Different needs require different products. But these general considerations should be kept in mind while buying air fresheners.


You can go all out and buy expensive scented candles. Or stay on a budget and buy a spray instead. It all depends on how much are you willing to spend on the air freshener. Jumia provides reasonable rates with time to time discounts as well. So it is a good idea to look for deals and order online.


The next most important thing is the scent. Air fresheners are available in lots of scents like chamomile, lemongrass, citrus fruit etc. Customers can choose what scent makes them feel at peace and comfortable. And then buy that for themselves. For rooms with a striking odour, concentrated scents like citrus are advised. For spaces that only need a light fragrance, a chamomile is a good option.


The purpose for which you’re buying the product is very important while choosing the product. This is because you need to decide whether you want to mask an odour or give a new vibrant smell. If you are trying to make the smell enjoyable then go for an airy scent. Nothing too empowering because that might cause irritation for some people. Lavender and vanilla are safe choices for such environments. You also need to keep in mind the time that you want the fragrance intact for. Sprays usually last the shortest. And candles last for longer periods. Some smells are concealed by the air and keep an overall pleasant aroma. Yet others are overpowering and take control of the air.