Acquiring the best talents and building entrepreneurs.

"...while extraordinary products and unique services still afford a competitive advantage, the one advantage that stands the test of time...is people" Mark Salesbury.

At Jumia Nigeria, people are our greatest assets and with a formidable Human Resources team, selecting great talent with effective, strategic placements, and carefully hiring the best hands has always been our core. Jumia through our partners has also afforded us with world class ecommerce knowledge that is transferred to our staff creating a pool of knowledge that is retained and spread through the Nigerian ecommerce industry.

Jumia received 1.5 million applicants for recruitment in 2014, this is a whopping 83% of the Nigerian graduates, yearly. This undoubtedly shows that Jumia Nigeria is one of the most aspired career destinations for young graduates for Nigerians and those in diaspora as we see is sometimes the case.

Our team comprise of experts in their fields spotting invaluable talents in just no time. The shortest job interview in Jumia Nigeria took only 11 minutes. You couldn’t even get a ticket and a good seat in the movies in such a short time!

We are an equal opportunity employer without discrimination against race, religion and gender as we had more women holding 55% of managerial positions in 2014.

In 2014, Jumia set up the Jumia Academy where it trains its staff across all aspects of the business with its aim of growing entrepreneurs that will contribute significantly to the nation’s economy and through their endeavors place Nigeria on the world map.