Service excellence for every situation

"We are a customer-centric people, ever and always putting the customer first before everything else and that is exactly what we live for" Nicola Martin, C0-CEO Jumia Nigeria

With over 200 Customer service agents working 7 days a week to achieve just one goal, Customer Satisfaction. The Jumia Customer service in 2014 received 3,372,600 hours of calls catering to all of the needs of the customer from placing orders to issue resolution which in 2014 we brought to a minimum, best for any e-tailer in the Nigerian ecommerce industry. Put simply, that equals over 384 years of maintaining excellent customer service.

We recorded the longest call from a customer to be 2 hours 15 minutes, with our customer service agent patiently answering all queries and guiding the customer through an amazing shopping experience. For us no customer journey experience is too long, at the end all we care about is the value and quality shopping experience we leave the customer with.

"At the time being a bank manager means you many times had absolutely no time to shop for the things you really want and it was very difficult for me to get items until I discovered Jumia Nigeria, awesome experience every time! Where I had problems with choice or product detail, their customer service personnel were always more than helpful and help me through my entire shopping experience." Ngozi Ukairo, Customer of the Month, July 2014

On a lighter note, in total, we received over 2,976,000 calls in 2014 and 6% of all calls apparently happened to be mischievous dating proposals to our angelic voiced customer care personnel. Sure some customers can’t get enough of the professionalism of our agents.