JUMIA empowers Nigerians with quality products at best prices.

Throughout this year, every time you logged on to the Jumia website it was almost like a little kid looking into a candy store. The saving grace for everybody was that it was less embarrassing steaming up your computer screen than a store window. There were just so many incredible products on Jumia this past year which walked unopposed straight into your wish list. Many of these products came from the gadgets, electronics and fashion category which consisted of some amazing yet affordable range of products.

It was in this past year that Jumia exclusively launched the InnJoo range of Smartphones to Nigeria and it was quick to become the fastest selling fresh item in the Nigerian market. What was there not to crave? The smartphones came equipped with the latest android operating system, topmost camera quality, dual sim capabilities, long lasting battery and lots more with amazingly the best price in the market! These days, in this highly industrialized world, there are very few items out there with which demand exceeds supply, Innjoo smartphones were part of this few as they sold out on countless occasions during the course of the year. In this smartphone revolution the question was are you Inn or out? The answer was more often than not the former.

Of all the numerous gadgets and electronics on the Jumia website, which did Nigerians crave for the most? Statistics prove all that we had thought. InnJoo (click here) was the most sought after brand and this was followed by respectively- Infinix (click here). In the case of Infinix, the Infinix Zero dubbed the complete phone with zero flaws was the main driver but then Samsung which came in third had its key drivers well spread out. Blackberry which was the top most patronized brand in 2013 fell to fourth and perhaps the biggest surprise in the top 5 was the emergence of the tested and trusted family brand, Saisho.

Another buzzing exclusive was the launch of the St Genevieve fashion label, a collection by Nigeria’s award winning actress Genevieve Nnaji. The collection showcases themes around pieces from chic to formal to casual with pieces that look like they came right straight out of Genevieve’s wardrobe.

"By recreating my personal style into my fashion label, I am creating this collection that brings to life strong and sexy pieces for every woman to look good" Stated Genevieve Nnaji. "The collection is to all the women out there who want to look fabulous every time of the day in their simple outfits, that is what the St. Genevieve brand stands for".

Nigerians strong affinity for fashion is absolutely insatiable and Jumia Nigeria very well knows how to satisfy this appetite at every point in time with a wide assortment of the latest trends for all taste and style at affordable prices.

In 2014, Jumia recorded a tremendous growth in the fashion category with Nigerians shopping massively from the Monochrome fashion trend showing preference to stay in the comfort of their zones, easy breezy classic black and white! Pulling out our statistics, we found out that shoppers bought from 5 top premium brands David Wej Clothing, Casio, AX Paris, Scuup and Linx respectively.

Jeremy Doutte, Jumia Co-CEO, "It is our primary assignment to cater to the needs and desires of Nigerians empowering great deals and quality retail information. We fully understand that Nigerians desire products which are durable, reliable and affordable and we will continue to strive to leave no stone unturned as we source for these top quality and authentic products, while expanding on our relationships with local and global brands. Customers of Jumia can expect even more new and exciting products for the best prices this coming year".